Instagram’s New Shoppable Feature and Its Possible Effects on the Jewelry Industry


Instagram’s New Shoppable Feature and Its Possible Effects on the Jewelry Industry

Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms that have gained a significant importance amongst retailers all across the world. It has more than 800 million active users including those who use the platform to run their business or promote their brands. According to a study, most small businesses choose their Instagram profile to attract new customers instead of pointing to their website.

Instagram recently announced a new feature that will allow businesses to tag their products in posts and make direct sales on the platform. Known as ‘Shoppable Instagram’ or ‘Shopify’, the new shopping service enables retailers to add a link to a product into their posts. These posts work as a source for users to jump straight to the shopping site and buy products. This feature is different from other advertising options of Instagram that allow you to use carousel ads, pictures advertisements, stories commercials, and video advertisements. At present, more than 600,000 businesses are using Shopify to enhance their selling experience, and more than $63 billion worth of goods has been successfully sold through this option.

With millions of users, Instagram has a very strong chain of followers who can make the most out of the new feature. It enables businesses to connect to their customers in the way they could not do before. Amy Cole, the head of Instagram business development reveals that the social media platform allows brands to tell their story in the same way a person does in order to create a direct relationship and level the playing field for business of all sizes.

But, how the Shoppable Instagram feature can help jewelers to take advantage of the platform? Like other industries, this new shopping service will also effect on the jewelry industry. The Angelic Diamonds who are one of the renowned sellers of retailers of luxury yellow gold engagement rings explored Shopify for its possible effects on jewelry industry and found it a useful feature to boost up the sales. Let’s find out what the Shoppable Instagram is and how it is going to rise up the jewelry industry.

Jewelry Industry and The Shopify

Jewelry attracts a vast number of people though it is a very emotive purchase for most customers. Be it a wedding jewelry, an engagement ring, or a gift for someone special, jewelry items usually do not make a quick buying decision. Popular social media accounts like Instagram offer the opportunity for customers to interact with the brands through their platforms so they can make a strong relationship with a brand and follow their activities online. Many jewelry brands attribute half of their sales to Instagram because they think it is a good option for users to discover the brand over the medium. They say it might not be possible for them to expose their products to a large number of consumers otherwise.

Statistics tell that 80% of users follow a brand through Instagram and interact with them using Instagram Direct – the direct messaging service of the platform every month. While social media users including Facebook and Instagram can comment or tag others on the posts when they like a product or service, Shopify is the best way to enjoy a direct purchase experience. Most importantly, situations like this perhaps cannot occur without social media platforms.

Instagram is also an excellent source to implement marketing strategies. Marketing persons on the platform with high number of followers can talk about a product through their posts, encouraging followers to make a purchase too. Likewise, jewelry brands can take advantage of this marketing strategy and influence the people to take interest in the products and increase the sales.

Using The Shoppable Instagram or Shopify

With a strong purchasing influence, the emergence of Shopify on the Instagram allows you to promote your products in a naturally effective way. Also, it enables you to introduce your goods on your followers’ feeds without making it too infomercial. You can continue using Instagram like you always do to interact with your customers. The best use, however, is to encourage people to click through your posts with a call to action. Encourage your audience to learn more about your products by clicking the shoppable Instagram button or offer them the opportunity to check out more detailed photos about the item. Make sure to post your updated stories and maintain a strong relationship with your consumers through this option.

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