Most Crucial Steps for Finding a Good Business Mentor

Most Crucial Steps for Finding a Good Business Mentor

Mentor is a term used to refer to someone who has more experience in the business world and can help entrepreneurs in honing their abilities and aid them in navigating new challenges. Great business mentors can make a huge difference in the progress of startups. Firstly, their connections can be great for opening doors that would have remained closed otherwise. Secondly, the experiences they have had can also prevent entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes that were made by them. However, finding a good business mentor is not as simple or easy as picking a name out of a hat.

You need to be aware of what makes a good mentor, how to approach them and then be able to maximize the relationship. Listed below are the most crucial steps that can be used for finding a good business mentor:

Know what makes a good mentor

First and foremost, you need to know exactly what makes a good mentor. It is not very difficult to find a mentor; if you do a simple search, you will easily come across many who claim to be Melbourne’s best business mentor, but that doesn’t mean that they are so. Good mentors such as the ones from Stride Group are those who challenge you to surpass your goals and ask plenty of tough questions. During this process, they share their own experiences and also help you find new opportunities. Best mentors don’t tell you what needs to be done; they only advise and guide because it is not their business. Also, most great mentors don’t usually ask for any compensation and are just satisfied knowing they have helped.

Look for a good fit

One of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make is that they straightaway go to the most well-known, most visible and busiest mentors. This might work every now and then, but it is a better idea to analyze your network and search for mentors locally who have the relevant experience. You can approach the executives or founders of companies in your industry for whom you have some admiration. Learn about the background of prospective mentors and then reach out to them via email. To make a connection, personalize the note and explain why you are reaching out. Approach a limited number of mentors who have a connection with your market and ensure they understand the connection from the get go.

Be open and respect their time

If you are reaching out to a mentor, you need to be open with them. You will not be able to get value out of the relationship if you are not willing to share essential information about your business. Being vague will get you nowhere and will simply waste your time and theirs as well. Furthermore, when you are asking for their time, you shouldn’t take mentors for granted. Always be punctual and remain grateful for the effort they are making for you.

Follow these steps and you will be able to find a good business mentor for guidance and assistance. A very powerful recommendation would be to get in touch with Stride Group. They have a simple mission – to help people like you gain clarity and direction.

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