Product Categorization and Matching in Ecommerce: Improve your Store’s Performance

Product Categorization and Matching in Ecommerce

Most online store owners are aware of the fact that if customers are unable to find the products they are looking for in their ecommerce store, then they will not return to the store for making their next purchase. Furthermore, it is no secret that the best way to generate more revenue is to offer more products in their store. The same is also applicable for product information. The better you categorize your product, the more traffic it will be able to bring because product matching will be easier. As the product is matched properly to the customers’ search, they will be directed to your website thereby influencing your store’s revenue in a major way.

Regardless of what you are selling through your store, accurate product categorization can provide a world of benefits for your ecommerce store. Some of the benefits include better user experience, increased conversions and higher revenue. When you optimize your product taxonomy and promote better product matching, you can ensure that your customers are able to browse through your product catalogs with ease. If you have a large product catalog, you can apply multiple categories to your products as this can make product matching easier and more accurate.

When your customers are able to find and compare products easily, it will boost the conversion rate as well. Apart from that, this will also be helpful in improving search engine rankings as well as customer experience. Descriptive product categories can be great for facilitating application of targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and definite category landing pages can be used for measuring its results. Even though they are often overlooked, product categorization and product matching can aid ecommerce stores in boosting traffic.

Increasing categories means that you are able to increase the number of landing pages and incorporate more keywords thereby leading to numerous pages getting search results indexed. The long-tail traffic of an ecommerce store can be significantly influenced in this way. However, one important thing to note about product matching and product categorization is that it sounds promising and useful, but in actual, it can be a time consuming and cumbersome process.

If you want to create well-organized and accurate product categories, you will first need to understand how your customers search for products and determine their characteristics. The information that you gain through your research will be used for defining product categories and sub categories that can be incremental in boosting traffic and conversion rate. This can be a long and time consuming process and not all businesses can undertake it. Therefore, they decide to use services such as for performing these important tasks, freeing them up to focus on their core activities.

Since they have a lot of experience doing product matching and categorization, they can categorize your products according to their attributes, making it easier for customers to find and compare them. Hence, your ecommerce store will undoubtedly see an increase in traffic, conversions, sales and revenue, which will help your bottom line.

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