Reasons to Install Welding Fume Extractor and Secure Your Health

Reasons to Install Welding Fume Extractor and Secure Your Health

Welding is a common process which is a part of industrial work. There are numerous types of welding, and numerous metals are welded together for various purposes. However, it might not always be evident to the naked eyes, but the emission of poisonous fumes, the dazzling sparks, and venomous gases can threaten the life and health of people.

Since welding is one of the most common industrial processes involved in many manufacturing units, factories, warehouses, mechanic shops, repair shops etc, it becomes essential to perform air filtration through welding fume extraction to ensure the inhaled air is safe. While not everyone might be aware of the hazardous effects of welding fumes, it is essential that you understand the risks of welding fumes.

Need for Welding Fume Extractor

It is a common fact that welding is an essential part of different industrial processes. Even more, there are shops, mechanics, individual workers who need to do welding of various types.  Those who are unaware of the disastrous effects of welding must know that it emits almost an amalgamated mixture of more than fifty different compounds, based on metals which are welded in the air. Although which metal is being welded, welding process invariably makes way for emission of powdered metal particle suspensions in the air, which are quite easily inhaled by humans and animals. Inhaling such air continuously and repeatedly makes way for critical respiratory problems and even poses threats and risk of cancer.

Under such conditions, it is not possible for workers operating welding machines to avoid the fumes emitted. Therefore, installing a welding fume extractor minimizes the health risk by filtrating the air, extracting and eliminating the harmful suspended particles, poisonous gases and fumes, improving the overall air and environment around for safe breathing.  Working in a healthy and hazard free environment not only helps workers to work safely but also without any fear and irritation.

Welding Fume Extractor Saves Health Risks

When you are constantly working in an environment where welding is performed or you yourself conduct welding processes, you are constantly exposed to heath threat. There are several factors which again determine the extent of your health risk, like for example:

  • The time duration for which you remain exposed to welding fumes everyday
  • Metals which are being welded
  • The safety and precautions you adhere to while conducting the process
  • The working environment, ventilation scopes, etc

Moreover, even more dangerous is the fact that welding fumes do not have any particular odor, which makes the detection of their risk factor even more difficult Not only the powdered metal particles or the poisonous fume, it is even the extreme heat generated through the sparks, along with gases like carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and carbon dioxide which are unhealthy for inhalation. Even more, the coating and also the solvents on the metal may create unexpected reactions and emit other poisonous gases. There can be multiple symptoms of irritation and uneasiness if such fumes are inhaled directly. These include

  • Vomiting tendencies
  • Irritation in breathing
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Irritated eyes, nose, and throat
  • Mild chest pain
  • Damage of respiratory system
  • Irritation in the throat, nasal passage, and even eyes
  • Excess fluid content in lungs
  • Risk of hazardous effects of lead poisoning
  • Nervous system disorders

Therefore, to secure the health and safety of the workers and all your employees if you are managing the manufacturing units, it is best to get welding fume extraction installed so that you can breathe freely and work in a relaxed way.

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