Sales Needs to Merge with Marketing for Maximum Benefits

Sales Needs to Merge with Marketing for Maximum Benefits

Since forever, companies have dealt with marketing and sales as two different departments. In fact, they are not just two different departments, they are two completely different skills. However, in the modern world, the line that separates the two might just be disappearing. If you research sales and marketing on the internet, you will soon come across the term sales and marketing hybrids.

Sales and Marketing Hybrids – What Is That

If you are not familiar with the term already, you must be wondering what it really means. Hearing it for the first time, it can feel like a new model of robots aimed at doing sales and marketing. That’s not the case though. These are humans who happen to have the skills of marketing and sales in them. They are good at sales and marketing at the same time. Now, it could be something they naturally had in them or a result of training. For example, you could train a salesperson to be a great marketer or vice versa.

What Sales and Marketing Hybrids Do

As the name implies, sales and marketing hybrids perform both the functions. Once again, companies have multiple ways to have these individuals on their teams. They can look for them on social networks and hire them when they can or they can hire great sales people and train them to be great marketers. Once trained, these individuals are to take care of the marketing and sales of the company. They know the customer from the first point of contact to the point of conversion. After conversion, to make the sales process a further smoother process, there are platforms such as Oneflow that can be immensely helpful.

The Purpose of Sales and Marketing Hybrids

By keeping the sales and marketing departments separate, companies have suffered many losses in many different shapes. For example, a successful marketing campaign might result in a traffic spike. As a result, thousands of emails might land in the company’s inbox. These are customers inquiring about services and products. However, sales department cannot reply to these emails that fast. Maybe they never expected such a spike in the first place. As a result of this communication gap, emails from many potential customers will rest in the inbox for several days before a response is sent to them. In the sales world, a delay in response is a lot sale.

On the other hand, if sales and marketing people were the same, they would be much better prepared to handle the spike in leads and emails. Sales and marketing hybrids can fill these gaps. Some companies have already started to implement this idea. One of the promoters and supporters of the idea is Sara Larsen, Business Development Head of Vainu, who talks about sales and marketing hybrids and their importance in this interview.

Bottom Line

In the coming times, companies will be seeing the new model of hybrid sales and marketing in action. Lost leads and missed prospects will never be a consequence of the disconnect between the sales and marketing teams because they will be the same entities.

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