Tatts Lotto: Giving Australians a Reason to Keep Their Dreams Alive

Tatts Lotto: Giving Australians a Reason to Keep Their Dreams Alive

If you believe in luck, you have to believe in lotteries. If you don’t believe in luck but realize that numbers can be magical, you should take part in a lottery. The feeling of being a millionaire overnight can only be explained by those who have been through it. However, before you try your luck in lottery, you have to be careful about the type of lottery you pick. You have to do some research on the background of the group that owns the lottery. You don’t want to fall for a scam, which is quite common in games like lottery, gambling, etc.

As an Australian, you have to consider yourself lucky because of how lottery works here. Tatts Group is more like a monopoly in Australian lotteries providing people with a chance to change their lives in nearly all corners of Australia. Let’s get to know Tatts Lotto in a bit of a detail today.

Tatts Group

Tatts Group offers many types of lotteries to the people of Australia. The citizens of the continent have a chance to win millions on almost any day of the week. The many lotteries that Tatts Group has include the following:

  • Tatts Lotto
  • Monday and Wednesday Lotto
  • OZ Lotto
  • Power Ball
  • Super 66
  • Lucky Lotteries
  • Set for Life
  • Mega Jackpot (available on any day of the week)
  • Super Jackpot (available on any day of the week)

As you can see from the list above, Tatts Lotto is one of the many different types of lotteries from the Tatts Group.

How Tatts Lotto Works

Tatts Lotto gives Australians a chance to win $4 million every Saturday. The four million dollar prize is available for that one winner who wins the lottery, called the Division 1 prize winner. What adds more fun to the lottery is the Superdraws. These events occur frequently to give a huge boost to the win prize. For example, you have a chance to win up to $20 million with the help of Superdraws.

In order to win, you have to match the numbers on your lottery ticket with the six balls that the lottery operators draw on every Saturday. Your number has to match with the first six balls that come out as a result of the draw. In addition to the six winning balls, the operator also take out two complementary balls, denoted in blue. There are 45 balls in total from which the operator has to pick the eight balls. All you have to do to win the jackpot is match the numbers on the six balls. You have to match the numbers in the order they are taken out. As stated above, the draw takes place on Saturdays. The operators announce the winners at around 9pm whereas the winning prize is available for collection the next morning.

Why You Should Participate in Tatts Lotto

There are several reasons why you should pick Tatts Lotto over other types of lotteries in the country. Let’s take a look at some of the big reasons.

·         It Comes from a Reputable Company

Tatts Lotto is one of the many lotteries of Tatts Group. Headquartered in Queensland, the Tatts Group has been around for several years. During all these years, it has spread steadily across the country due to its reputation and reliability. The lottery names mentioned earlier all belong to the Tatts Group and are among the most famous lotteries in the country. People have been winning millions for enough years to serve as a proof that Tatts Lotto is a legit lottery wherein you do have chances of winning.

·         Its Prize Money Is Big

There are other bigger lotteries from the same group, but Tatts Lotto is no slouch. It offers the first division winner a huge prize money of $4 million. Not to mention, you have the option of Superdraws as well. Superdraws take the prize money to a whopping $20 million, allowing winners to share the total amount of the win. You can be a part of the Superdraws using one of the two ways available i.e. quick pick and marked entry.

·         Claiming the Prize Is Easy

Gone are the days when you had to listen to the radio or watch some TV program to know the Tattslotto results. Today, the online portal is enough to notify you of everything from the price of the ticket to the news about winners. You can take part in Tatts Lotto using your computer, tablet or a smartphone. In fact, the smartphone application is incredibly user-friendly, letting you become a part of the lottery without any hassle.

Tatts Lotto Website

One of the things you want to check out before you pick a lottery is the website of the lottery owners. You don’t want to visit stores to check lottery results and buy tickets. Today, you can manage everything from the comfort of your home. From buying a ticket for yourself to playing in the form of a syndicate, with companies such as Lottosend, everything is possible right from your home. Tatts Lotto website has to be a 9 out of 10 for user-friendliness, navigation, and ease of finding information. It is quite a detailed website.

The best thing is that all the lotteries from Tatts Group are available on this one website. Whether you want to buy tickets for Tatts Lotto or Power Ball, you can use the same website for doing that. In addition to that, you can also look for the result of the lotteries on the same website. Under the tab “real winners”, you can read the interesting stories of the winners. Furthermore, by clicking on the name of a lottery, you land on its specific page. On this page, you can see the past results of this lottery, the buy tickets for the lottery, find the most frequently appearing numbers, and learn how to play a the lottery.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting stories of the winners of Tatts Lotto and other lotteries from the Tatts Group in 2018.

Winner Stories

The Winner with the Ticket on the Fridge

One of the amazing winners of the TattsLotto was a guy from Katherine who had the ticket on his fridge all the time several days after the winner had been announced. According to him, he had heard from people and the news that someone from his region had won the first division prize. However, he had no idea that he was the winner. He never checked his ticket even after knowing the winner was from Katherine. The draw had taken place on May 05, 2018. Since the total prize money for TattsLotto is $4 million and there were two first division winners, each winner was going to get $2 million.

Later, the winner went on the internet to download the results. He was surprised when he found out that he had matched all the six winning numbers. According to him, he was not sure how much money he had won. Of course, had there been more winners, his winning prize would have gotten slashed down. However, he was lucky that there were only two winners and he received a whopping $2 million as a result of the draw.

The winner claims that he has some essential things in life to take care of, and that he plans to spend the money on those things. He further said that he will save the rest for the rest of his life. The man did not make any huge claims of how he will tour the world or make his dreams come true. However, being an optimistic guy, he said he will continue to buy tickets for the same lottery. He also said that he will not change his numbers and see if he could win with the same numbers again.

The winning draw took place on May 05, 2018. It was a lucky Saturday for the winner and the draw number was 3839. There were two winners of the first division so the money that went to each winner was exactly $2,013,114.80. The winning numbers were: 34-28-22-42-45-10 (11)-(3).

She Checked It because She Read the News

There is nothing more beautiful and ecstatic that realizing that you are the winner of the lottery out of nowhere. Sitting there matching numbers in real-time has its thrill. However, discovering things when you are least expecting them or not expecting at all is a feeling that only a select few are able to feel. This Castlemaine woman who won the lottery had no idea she was the winner. She had not followed up on her ticket. However, she recently received the news that one of the eight winners of the Tattslotto had not claimed their prize. The new got her curious.

She grabbed her ticket and matched the numbers with the winning numbers. Little did she know that she was the winner of more than $500,000. The amazing thing is that she had her ticket registered. The officials had been trying to contact her to tell her about her win. When media asked the women, she said that she did see some missed calls on her phone. To add more twist to the story, she kept thinking the callers were some kind of scam. However, she got interested in knowing the results after constantly reading about a winner in Castlemaine who had not claimed the winning prize.

The winner described her experience as completely unexpected. She used the smartphone application of TattsLotto to check her ticket. According to her, she was skeptic even when the application congratulated her for winning. In her mind she was thinking of some really small amount of money. Later, she discovered that she was not sitting on half a million dollars. The woman wants to help her family with the money. Some of the money she wants to use to go to some vacation spot. Also, she intends to buy a brand new car with the winnings.

Another amazing thing about this story is that the store that sold this winning ticket has sold 26 more winning tickets in the past.

The winning draw was draw 3857 with the winning numbers 29-1-6-43-23-18 (3)-(35). This draw took place on July 07, 2018. There were a total of eight winners of this draw so the amount of money that went to each winner was exactly $503,668.42.

Other Big Winner Stories

Some other big winner stories have also unfolded in the current year. Luckily, this year has also proved to be huge when it comes to Power Ball lottery. A Power Ball draw that took place on Thursday, August 16, 2018 was one of the biggest in the history of Australia. After several draws without a winner, the prize money had reached a whopping $100,000,000. Luckily, there were two winners of this huge sum when the winners were announced. Even after splitting the prize money, the two lucky winners will now be having 50,000,000 in their accounts. That’s the biggest a Power Ball jackpot has got in a little over 20 years of history.

The two winners of the jackpot are from Victoria and Sydney. Those who might be skeptical about purchasing tickets online will be glad to know that one of the winners had purchased their ticket online. The winning numbers were 33 – 3 – 32 – 13 – 27 – 35 – 31 (3). It was an amazing draw wherein even the second division winners were able to win a whopping $122,896.


So, if you have not tried to buy a lottery ticket ever in your life, it is about time you try your luck too. Keep in mind that these winners were people just like you. They had no idea they were going to be winners until the day they won. Moreover, you should have the peace of mind while buying a ticket for the TattsLotto due to their reputation in the country. Be sure to register your ticket when you buy it so the officials can contact you if you hit a jackpot.

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