Tips on Keyword Research for SEO

Tips on Keyword Research for SEO

Doing good keyword research these days has become very important for all digital marketers. For this, you will need to know to have a strong idea on developing a good list of keywords for SEO and PPC. However, content marketers who are smart use keyword tools for topic research to get knowledge on what they must write about along with the kind of phrases they must use when it comes to writing.

Improve your SEO vocabulary

When you get deep into the world of SEO, you will notice that there are lots of terms and numbers that come up over and over again. So familiarize yourself with the lingo so that you have some good knowledge on the results you can get from the tools along with the advice available. On that note, here’s some important tips on keyword research and how you can improve the vocabulary.

Look for more volume

There is one massive demand for all types of keywords. Another way you can think of this is the number of times people enter this particular word or phrase into Amazon or Google. You can search volumes and DSV, sometimes even YSV or ASV.

Getting more clicks

This can be an overlooked piece of information but do you know how vital this can be? Clicks actually tell you how many people have searched for the keywords and the ones who have clicked on their results. If you don’t want to consider the piece, it could lead you to something that is a great keyword because that would have volume. But then you won’t see results, even if the ranks are good.

Difficulty of keywords

Are the perfect keywords possible to get ranks? The difficulty actually tells how hard it may be to rank the service or the product. While all tools have different ways to calculate this, the truth is that a whole lot of time you just may know. Do you think it will be very easy to rank on Google for something like ‘donuts’. May be not.

Cost Per Click

Content marketing along with SEO tends to use this and it is very much beneficial if you are advertising on Amazon, Google or any other platform. Choosing the keyword based on the CPC will help you from blowing all of the budget. If you happen to be new to CPC, basically whenever someone clicks on the ad, you have set up an ad based on the keyword research. If the CPC is high but the conversation is very low, then you aren’t advertising on the right page.

Head terms

Lesser than just three words, head terms happen to be more generic when it comes to conducting searches. Even though you might not invest in such terms, it could be a great jumping point for the keyword research that you are doing now.

Keywords that are long tail

Long tail keywords in simple terms are phrases that could be three words or even longer. It could count as a keyword or even a keyphrase. While the keywords have lower volume, they give you much higher clicks and the lower keyword difficulty makes it an important piece for SEO strategy.

Brand terms you should know

Generally people who have good knowledge about your brand are quite easy to convert. When it comes to volume, the category of words may not produce those kinds of impressions or even views of the page but they will surely produce the best rate of conversion.

Terms of products

Now this will be about the product is about or what problems does it take care of. Depending on the diverse array of services and products, the list could actually be a big one. People who search for such terms happen to be in the cycle of decision and the CPA on such terms usually happen to higher when it comes to the brand terms. However, you will be able to get such volume from the brand terms and eventually you will begin winning and products terms as well.

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