Top Companies Changing The Face Of Many Technical Industries

Top Companies Changing The Face Of Many Technical Industries

Technical industries are primed for change. New cutting-edge business solutions are popping up at never before seen rates as innovative companies continue to find pain points to provide solutions for.

From health tech solutions for global patients to manufacturers needing machinery to run daily operations efficiently without breaking the bank, there are plenty of companies filing the void.

Many of these technical industry disruptors are building new technology for consumers. Maybe not directly for their consumers, but for B2B sales funnels. What companies are making the most waves? Let’s take a deeper look!


GeoLinks is stirring up technical industries with tailored fixed wireless Internet solutions for businesses. There products include SD-WAN, DigitalVoice, ClearFiber™ along with telecommunication features and infrastructure businesses in technical industries absolutely need to stay competitive and grow.

The fast integration of GeoLinks and anytime-anywhere support is compelling to businesses, as well as the scalable services they serve up. Global enterprises, global corporations, and well-known institutions are choosing GeoLinks to build upon their wireless needs.

Machinery Network

Machinery Network provides a large listing of used machinery to technical industries in the manufacturer space. The wide range of equipment available to businesses starting out, or looking to expand is perfect for technical industry manufacturers in plastics, metalworking, CNC, molding, and more.

Businesses can browse the Machinery Network inventory and make pricing decisions based on ROI easily. This was once a long, cumbersome undertaking before. Machine Network also serves up auctions, warranties, appraisals, and other key aspects for technical industry businesses of all sizes, and budgets.

Lenora Systems

Lenora Systemsis an IT consulting agency that provides technical industry businesses with affordable and customizable software development services, taking the challenges many businesses face when building new software needed to streamline business processes.

Project management is also on the whiteboard for Lenora Systems, seeing a 500 percent growth in just three short years. Their success will surely continue, since most businesses crave customizable software systems that don’t break the bank.

Your Doctors Online

Your Doctors Online offers up affordable access to doctors online 24/7. This health tech company aims to disrupt the current state of healthcare, whether making it accessible, affordable, or giving people in remote regions of the world access to North American doctors they otherwise would not have access to.

Their primary services include a free online doctor chat application, both desktop and mobile, affordable healthcare plan, second opinions, online prescriptions, and sick notes. They are currently expanding into technical industries as a health care offering for employees, families, and communities.


goTRG is a multi-channel sales and supply chain business solutions and SaaS provider. They are serving up solutions for retailers and manufacturers, filling a massive gap when it comes to managing the excessive return rates based on current consumer behavior.

With some of the biggest retailers and manufacturers partnering with the company to use their innovative AI supported deep learning technology — R1 Cloud, goTRG is certainly primed to disrupt a number of technical industries.


HQSoftware provides software solutions that are tailored to the needs of businesses in technical industries dealing with IoT, VR, and AR. There reputation is quickly building with write-ups in CIO Review and other bi publications discussing technical software solutions.

Features HQSoftware includes, user experience (UX) and UI design, data analysis, application development and implementation, app management, IoT, software, and a lot more. Clients like the United Nations and SEGA are turning to them for tech solutions of all kinds.

Cradle Systems

Cradle Systemsserves up a variety of information security solutions for technical industries. With technology consultation and systems integrations at their fingertips, businesses in technical industries can streamline security, keeping company data and client information safe from cyber attacks and malware.

There unique focus on assessment, analysis, and response to security and security protocols separates their IT security practices from their competitors. This is an essential service for all businesses these days, since cyber attacks are more common than ever before.

Wrapping Up . . .

When it comes to disrupting the way businesses in technical industries do business, the top companies are surely worth tracking. This is especially a must-do if your business is on one of the industry niches listed above.

These companies strive to make operations more efficient and productive, provide a much-needed solution to a big problem, and keep cyber security an absolute must-have priority.

The future for technical industries is bright, considering the amount of companies popping up year after year to satisfy their needs, as well as the needs of their customer base. What solution do you think businesses in technical industries will need in the not so distant future?

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