What Are the Safety Features Schools Must Implement

What Are the Safety Features Schools Must Implement

Education nowadays has reached extreme levels. Although academics are given more importance, it is vital that parents know what exactly goes on at school. Most parents are unaware of the security status of their ward’s schools. Security is an important factor that should be the basis of humanity. Along with the spreading of education, crime has had its fair share of exposure in today’s world as well. So, would you not want to secure your child to avoid bad circumstances? If so, we are breaking down some safety features that should be implemented in schools immediately.

1. Security Cameras Everywhere

Installing a dainty CCTV camera in the front of your school building won’t cut it. If you own an institution, it is very crucial to make sure there are enough cameras around the premises and in the right places. The principal or any other head must monitor the footage in real time to make sure nothing is left hidden from the authorities. There could be some sneaky individuals attempting to make a move at the school from the outside or inside. Having cameras around several places around the premises can help efficiently prevent any unwanted guests from entering. Also, having a school panic button can be helpful.

2. Proper Boundaries

Some schools often have certain rules pertaining to whether outsiders may enter the premises during class hours. This rule refers to one where relatives or anyone claiming to know a student may not be allowed to enter the school. Even if this is not followed in all institutions, it is important to have properly maintained boundaries regardless. Gates should be fenced carefully in order to prevent break-ins. Also, proper security staff has to be hired in order to physically monitor those entering and exiting. Someone has to keep note of whoever trespasses!

3. Keep ID Cards Handy

If you’re a student, you’ve probably been nagged all your life about wearing an identity card on a daily basis. Our teachers and principals have always made it mandatory to wear out id cards every single day. However, have you ever wondered why they saw it as so important? Well, every school must make sure to issue forms of identification in order to prevent a lack thereof in emergency situations. By doing this, the students are being accounted for and the information provided on the cards may be of major use. Also, teaching and non-teaching staff should have issued identification cards as well.

4. Mobile Phones Should Be Banned

Ah, the dread of not having our phones with us while at school. Many students complain about this but that is only because they do not realize how dangerous it can be. It is vital to ensure that students do not carry their mobile devices to their classes. The head of the institution should make this a rule in order to prevent any sneaky children. Phones can be a source of a lot of information that can be exploited by strangers. Not having them while at school is an advantage in this situation.

5. Teach Them What’s Relevant

Like we said earlier, academics are important. But, for the sake of their safety, students must be taught about things that are relevant to common scenarios happening today. It is important to teach them about certain topics so that they are aware of what to do if a particular scenario arises. Children are usually unaware of what could happen therefore as teachers and educators, you must make them conscious about how important security is.

To conclude, we recommend always keeping these features in mind. They are vital for your ward’s safety and should definitely not be taken lightly. Keep the students aware, prepared and involved.

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