What’s the Nintendo 3ds Flashcard-Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds Plus

What's the Nintendo 3ds Flashcard-Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds Plus

The easiest way to play all 3DS games in 2018 is the Sky3DS + Flash card.

What’s the 2018 Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus? In the next sections we want to introduce you to this map and give you some important tips before you decide to buy.

2018 Sky3DS + tips

Does the Sky3DS + work exactly like an R4 card

The Sky3DS +, which stands out with its two orange buttons, is designed for 3DS games and is made by sky3dsplus.net. It is already the second generation in the product line that circumvents the anti-pirate mechanism of the latest 3DS system and has an updatable firmware. It thus supports many functions. All you have to do is download 3DS ROMs and save them to the Micro SD card without any modification. It behaves exactly like an original game cartridge, but has two switches to navigate between the ROMs on the SD card.

Like the R4 3DS, the handling is simple plug & play and supports all Nintendo 3DS firmware versions.

Are there any risks of using Sky3DS + on your 3DS, such as locking your device?

A clear no. The Sky3DS + mimics the original game cartridge, only with the difference that the games are used via Micro SD card. It works with all new 3DS firmwares and will not damage or alter your 3DS. The Sky3DS + makes play of downloaded 3DS games on your 3DS, 3DS XL, new3DS, new3DS XL, 2DS and new2DS XL safe. The Sky3DS + is recognized by the system as the actual physical copy of the original.

What functions does Sky3DS + provide on your 3DS, 2DS XL or new3DS?

The main function is, of course, to be able to play downloaded games on your 3DS. Therefore, you save the money to buy original games. It supports all 3DS firmwares and you can store as many games as you can find on your Micro SD card. Examples are Pokemon, Mario, Animal Crossing, Zelda and of course many more. If you use homebrew, you can use Ninjhax 2.9 or Freakzhax on your 3DS, so you can play regardless of the region code and also use older emulators. It allows you to play online, download game updates, and get access to DLC (Downloadable Content) from the Nintendo eShop on the latest 3DS firmware.

The Sky3DS + makes it easy for you to use 3DS ROMs. Where do you find a tutorial?

The Sky3DS + is practically Plug & Play. You will find a user guide below. In just a few minutes you will be able to start your downloaded 3DS games. It’s easy.

Step 1: Format your micro SD card

First, you need to format your Micro SD card to Fat32 or exFat. Simply connect your Micro SD card to a PC. On Windows, you can find the format options by right-clicking on your Micro SD card and selecting “Format …”. You can also use the SD Formatter 4.0 for formatting.

Step 2: Download the latest Sky3DS + firmware

Go to the Sky3DS website and get the latest firmware. At the time of writing this tutorial is version 140. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to unpack the RAR file. You can use WinRAR or similar RAR extraction software. Unzip the file firmware.bin into the root directory of your Micro SD card.

Step 3: Download your 3DS games

Games can be downloaded online at sites like ROM2Station.com. Copy your game files to the root directory of your micro SD card. The file extensions should be .3DS. The game must be compatible with the region code of your device. Once you have loaded the games onto your SD card, simply plug the Sky3DS + into the designated slot of your gaming device. Your games should now be visible on your 3DS or 2DS. With the orange buttons on the Sky3DS + you can now navigate between the games.


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