Are Batteries Getting Better with Time

Are Batteries Getting Better with Time


One of the biggest problems of today’s world is batteries. As much as they have become common in the modern world, people rarely talk about their innovation. Smartphones, laptops, mp3 players, gold trolleys, etc. are all using batteries today. People want more capacity but rarely think about innovation in this area. Is it that batteries are not improving like other technologies? Is that part of the problem?

Batteries Are Improving

The existence of Li-Ion batteries (Lithium Ion) is a proof that batteries are getting better. What you might not realize is that a lot of different types of batteries exist today. Li-Ion batteries, which are the most common type in today’s equipment, are the best ones out there. Take a Li-Ion battery that weighs one kilogram and it will be good for you to store up to 150 watt-hours. That’s a lot of charge when you compare this capacity with the capacity of other types of batteries. For example, a lead-acid battery that weighs the same i.e. one kilogram, will offer you a maximum storage capacity of only 25 watt-hours. The other famous type of batteries that was quite common just a decade ago is NiMH battery. NiMH stands for nickel-metal hydride. This is another efficient type of battery but not as good as the Li-Ion counterparts. A one kilogram heavy NiMH battery can store a charge of up to 70 watt-hours, which is quite good but less than half of what Li-Ion battery can hold.

In addition to the amazing capacity, Li-Ion batteries are also famous because of their light weight. That’s the reason you see them installed on almost any electronic product today. In fact, they are so good that even the modern battery-operated cars are using them.

The Innovation Is Slow

Battery-manufacturing companies are working on improving the technology to provide more storage of electricity at much less weight. The only problem is that the innovation is taking its time in this area. While other technologies and alternatives are being worked on, the other thing that engineers and scientists have focused on is making the batteries safe. It is important to know that certain corruptions, mixing of chemicals, and exposure to certain conditions can cause the Li-Ion batteries to burst as well. However, those incidents are so rare they are negligible.

Moving Forward

While companies work on coming up with new technologies, manufacturers of electronic products have to play their part by letting only the tenured battery manufacturers make the batteries of their products. They must avoid subpar batteries because explosions of those batteries can cause serious accidents and severe damages. When it comes to giving consumers the best bang for their buck, they should rely on custom battery solutions such as the one from TLH Battery.

By going for custom battery solutions, these companies can put large capacity batteries in even the smallest of their devices. Furthermore, they can avoid the costly recalls that result from the choice of low quality batteries from unreliable battery manufacturers.

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