Data Recovery: How To Recover Deleted Pictures From SD Card

Data Recovery: How To Recover Deleted Pictures From SD Card

The advent of Storage devices like SD cards have no doubt brought smiles to people’s faces, the ability to store thousands of pictures on a microchip is fascinating. However, this storage device can also cause us a whole lot of pain when the information in them is lost within a second with no hope of recovery.

Have you deleted some pictures that are very important to you and you want them back? I will tell you all you need to know on how to recover deleted pictures from SD cards. This process is simple and easy; all you to do is use the simple steps that I will be sharing and a recovery software to recover your pictures from SD card.

I know you want to recover your deleted files fast but you need to understand that this recovery takes some time. SD cards are programmed to handle large data and run smoothly but when there are anomalies, this process is cut short due to either fimware corruption or user error. The SD then fails to read the data stored, in turn the data appears as been deleted. More so, pictures can be deleted from SD card if SD is formatted accidentally or user mistakenly deletes them permanently without backup to restore.

Why You Still Stand A Chance To Recover Deleted Pictures

Deleted pictures don’t just wipe off completely from your SD cards. These pictures remain in the SD card for a period of time as long as no READ/WRITE action is takes place. Although, The moment you save new pictures on the spaces of the deleted pictures, it overwrite the whole thing and the pictures are lost permanently and can’t be recovered even though you use photo recovery software that is from outer space. What this implies is that, the moment you realize that you have deleted some pictures on your SD card, the best thing to do is to stop using it until you are able to recover the pictures.

Materials Needed To Recover Deleted Pictures

On how to recover deleted pictures from SD card, you don’t need to be a techie or have all those bad-ass software and hardware. All you need is:

  • A personal computer in which the software can be installed.
  • A card reader- this serves as a connecting device. It connects your SD to your PC
  • Finally, the SD itself.

Note: Like I said earlier, all the steps involved in the recovery process must not overlooked and displaced. Therefore, you need to be patient and follow the steps carefully.

  1. Remove the SD card from your smartphone: This is the very first step on how to recover deleted pictures from SD card. You need to remove the SD card from your device immediately the noticed that your pictures are deleted to avoid overwriting it.
  2. Software Installation process: The main type of data recovery software, Is Recoverit. It is totally free of charge can help you recover data as much as 100MB. You don’t need to go for a paid version. Recover it is more efficient and will give you the desired results. More so, since you are still a newbie on how to recover deleted pictures from SD card, Recoverit will be perfect for you. This software is user-friendly; there are no difficult processes that you can’t handle. All you need to do is visit Recoverit Free data Recovery website and install it on your computer, then you are set to recover your pictures.

So right here, I will be making use of Recoverit tool. This software can help recover any type of photo format but it raw, PNG, jpg and others. This software supports both mac and windows. The final thing to do here is to install this software on your personal computer.

  1. Choose a data recovery mode: After the installation process has been completed, the very first thing that you need to do is to select a recovery mode. There are two major recovery mode in Recoverit software. If you want to recover deleted pictures from your computer or you want to recover deleted pictures from your SD card which happens to be our main focus here. To recover deleted pictures from your SD card, click the “External Device Recovery” mode.
  2. Connect your card reader with the SD card in it to your PC and locate deleted pictures: Here, all you need to do is connect the three devices together and look for the file the house the pictures you want to recover. Although, the first place you should visit is the DCIM folder. This folder stores majority of the pictures you take. This needs to be done before you click the “scan pictures button” on Recoverit software.
  3. Begin to scan disc for lost files on the Recoverit software: All thanks to this software, as soon as this quick scan is completed it helps to find the files that you have deleted on your SD card. These deleted pictures are found in the quick scan section. However, if it happens that you can’t find your deleted pictures after the quick scan; go to “All-Around Recovery” mode and scan all over again. This will surely recover all your deleted pictures leaving you to select the ones you want.
  4. Now that you have seen your pictures, recover them: All your deleted pictures will display on the windows after you must have either scanned once or twice as mentioned above. Now, it is time to recover them completely! You need select the pictures you need to recover and click the “recover” button to save them on your personal computer.

Now that you have gotten all what you need on how to recover deleted pictures from SD card, you can try it out and recover those pictures that your heart desires. This process will most definitely work out.


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