Erjon Dobi – A Young Professional With an Excellent Career

Erjon Dobi - A Young Professional with an Excellent Career

Erjon is the CEO of Dobi Management Ltd. Born in Durres on March 25, 1992, he has completed studies in the United States at the prestigious Middlesex School, located in Concord, Massachusetts, and then graduated from the University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia with an average of 9.5 per Business Administration Degree with a focus on Economics and Finance.

Dobi Management Ltd is one of the most successful companies in Albania, with a list of assets worth over EUR 11,000,000. It is holding company that has a majority stake in 4 other companies and manages several real estate properties from which it earns income from leasing. The extensive business and finance management background allow Erjon to run such a company. In total, Dobi Mangement Ltd and its sub-companies employ around 180 employees.

In addition to being the CEO of Dobi Management Ltd, Erjon Dobi is also the Financial Manager / Member of the Board of Directors for InfoSoft Office Ltd.

InfoSoft Office is part of InfoSoft Group specialized in meeting the needs of office materials, stationery products, and printing consumables for every market segment. The company is the leader in the Albanian market with over 20 years of experience, thanks to the professionalism and commitment to provide premium-grade products for a broad customer base. Since 2011, InfoSoft Office Ltd, is also present in Prishtina, having consistently a consistent increase in its experience, dedication, and professionalism. As a result of the company’s internal organization, Infosoft Office has managed to cover various groups such as end-customers, B2B (Business-to-Business), Public Administrations, Banks, and Telecommunication Companies.

Furthermore, he is the Special Projects Manager / Board Member of the company Algrafika Ltd. Established in 1999, Algrafika is the largest paper distributor in Albania. The company supplies paper and cardboard with over 300 shippers in the Albanian market, as well as various clients in Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Isareal, Macedonia, Etc. Over the years, Algrafika has established strong connections with the world’s largest paper making companies, allowing it to bring innovative products to the market with the best quality-price ratio.

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