Everything you Need to Know about Ringtones

Everything you Need to Know about Ringtones

How are you alerted when a call or message comes on your phone? It is the ringtone that informs you that you are getting a message or call. Put simply, ringtones are melodic sounds that a cell phone makes when there is an incoming message or call. As cellular phones are considerably smarter and more advanced than landline phones, it is possible for people to personalize the ringtones to suit the tastes of the owners. The sale-ability of cellphones has increased because a wide array of ringtones have been introduced to appeal to customers.

One of the most interesting things about ringtones is that they are not just used for notifying cellphone owners about incoming calls and messages. There are a number of reasons why distinct ringtones are used by consumers:

Distinguish Callers

The advanced and innovative cellphones available today allow users to use different ringtones to signify different callers.


Having a unique ringtone also makes it easier for cellphone owners to identify their device. If you are in a meeting or anywhere else and the phone rings, the ringtone will help you in knowing it is your phone that’s ringing.


Last, but definitely not the least, a ringtone is immensely useful in adding character and personality to the phone, which appeals to general consumers.

Types of Ringtones

Typically, you will come across two different types of ringtones. What are they? Let’s take a look:

Monophonic Ringtones

This term is used to refer to simple tunes, which are compatible with every cellphone that’s available nowadays. You don’t have to have a smartphone to be able to use monophonic ringtones. Most of the cell phones are only capable of making a single tone at a time. A monophonic ringtone is made up of a series of sequential tones at different frequencies.

Polyphonic Ringtones

These are the tones played on cell phones that are capable of playing about 16 tones at once. A harmonic melody can be created with a combination of tones. These tones are more musical than a monophonic ringtone and newer phones are able to support them. There is a good chance that cell phones in the future will have the capability of producing high quality musical ringtones.

Today, you can find a large number of websites that offer you a plethora of ringtones ranging from animal sounds to Multi language ringtones, which you can download straight on your cell phone. There is some variation in websites as there are those that enable you to purchase specific ringtones whereas others that offer you subscriptions through which you can download a horde of ringtones on your device.

When you locate a ringtone you are after, it is best to check if it will be compatible and that there are no copyright issues. In addition, you can also compose personalized ringtones if you wish. There is software available that you can use for composing your own melodic ringtones, which will aid you in identifying your phone easily.

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