Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance: Why It Is Needed

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance: Why It Is Needed

Running a medical transportation business is not as easy as it may sound. It needs you to track all of the moving components of your business, take care of your vehicles, the passengers in them as well as address all the risks that your automobiles and passengers are exposed to. With a non-emergency medical transportation business, these risks are most likely to grow even more. An excellently defined insurance can be extremely helpful to protect your business, your staff, and your clients from the risks.

What is non-emergency medical transportation

Presently, the term of medical transportation has gone beyond ambulettes and medivans. In some instances, ambulances can also be used to fulfill non-emergency transportation purposes. Ambulances are usually thought of emergency transport; however, they are now also enlisted to offer non-emergency transportation (NEMT) in regions with inadequate medivan services. These transportation mediums are also in demand in situations where there is a lack of understanding of the advantages of using ambulettes. Ambulettes offer more versatility and cost-effective opportunities when compared with ambulances. In general, using an ambulatte to meet a NEMT situation is 70 to 90 percent cheaper and more cost-saving than using an ambulance to perform the same job in equal distance and dynamics.

Non-emergency medical transportation insurance

When transporting your old and special needs clients, there is always a need to outfit the vans or other vehicles with special equipment. Your staff and drivers need to communicate effectively with healthcare staff, shift patients with due care as well as maintain obligatory standards set by licensing authorities. Unlike a standard vehicle, even a fireguard binge can cause situations for a huge claim because of the potentially fragile people being transported. In order to maintain smooth operations of your non-emergency medical transportation business, it is crucial that you enlist a reliable insurance company who can provide the best insurance for your business needs. Typically, an excellent insurance will cover your fleet vehicles, drivers’ activities, and other company’s valuable assets at the most competitive rates. They make sure that you are fully covered for each liability that could put a dent in your business with their consultative approach and most cost effective non-emergency medical transportation insurance.

What NEMT insurance will cover

One of the most important concerns for a transportation business is to protect passengers and secure an insurance that can cover your business for the liabilities. In most cases, the main consideration is always related to medical requirement pertaining to injury from a collision. For NEMT business, clients bring their pre-existing medical conditions along for they need transport in the first place. These conditions significantly increase the probabilities of non-transportation related medical events. Nobody can help when such events strike, but you can control how well managed your company is by obtaining a comprehensive insurance.

With non-emergency medical transportation insurance your business can obtain:

  • NEMT insurance expertise

  • Comprehensive coverage

  • Commercial auto liability insurance

  • Physical damage insurance

  • Staff’s compensation instance

  • Abuse and molestation insurance

  • General liability insurance

  • Property insurance

  • Inland marine insurance

  • Umbrella insurance

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