QR Scanner Rewards App Aiming to Strengthen Small Business and Customer Bond

QR Scanner Rewards App Aiming to Strengthen Small Business and Customer Bond

If you are a regular shopper, you must be aware of the fact that most of the loyalty offers and programs are launched by big brands and stores. You nearly never get any such offers from the small businesses e.g. the businesses located at the corner of your street. That’s because these businesses don’t have the tools to offer such programs. More importantly, the tools available on the market are expensive and more directed towards big brands. QR Scanner Rewards App is here to change all of that for good. It is an app that will strengthen the bond between small businesses and their customers.

The QR Scanner Rewards App

The app is more like a bridge between customers and small businesses in their areas. Customers who will use this app will be able to receive amazing loyalty points and discounts for shopping at the stores near them i.e. places where they shop the most. They could get discounts for buying toys for their kids, getting a new hairstyle at a nearby salon or eating a delicious meal at a restaurant. On the other hand, small business owners will be able to create loyalty programs just like big brands. Doing so will help them get more repeat customers and take the first step to becoming a big business.

How the QR Scanner Rewards App Works

It is the simplest yet one of the most innovative applications out there. It acts just like a QR scanner that will help customers scan QR codes to land on certain merchant websites. The only additional detail is that it will give them access to customized loyalty programs so they can enjoy some discounts and special offers when they go shopping the next time. The small business owners will have access tools that they can use to create attractive reward programs for their customers. Depending on the package they choose, they can even have a free professional website included in the package.

The app will also list the registered businesses so every time a user signs into the app, they have a list of nearby businesses and their loyalty programs on the screen. This will give small businesses the exposure they need to compete with big businesses.

Status of QR Scanner Rewards App Today

According to the latest updates from the developers of the application, the app is very close to its completion i.e. 95% complete. The campaign for the needed funds for the project is up on Kickstarter and is very close to reach its pledge goal. There huge benefits for the early backers and adopters. People who pledge a small sum of just $2 can get notified of the launch of the app before anyone else. Merchants can be rewarded in many ways wherein the best reward for them will include lifetime subscription, push notification enablement, multi-store support, multiple loyalty cards, visibility of the cards in the app, etc. For more details, check it out on Kickstarter.

The pricing plan is also up. The most basic plan is free and directed at individuals and startups. The biggest and most expensive plan is only $50 a month for enterprise level businesses.

Concluding Thoughts

There is no doubt that the idea behind the app is an excellent one. Finally, there will be an app that truly cares about customers and small businesses. You don’t go shopping on big stores and brands every day. The best benefits are those that you can get on your daily purchases, and that’s what QR Scanner Rewards app is all about. Furthermore, it will give small business an opportunity to compete head to head with large businesses. With a great concept, a strong and active team of developers, and quick progress, QR Scanner Rewards app is destined to be successful. Now is the best time for you to support the campaign and back it on Kickstarter if you like the idea.

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