Top Hiring Tips for Recruiters in 2019

Top Hiring Tips for Recruiters in 2019

Are you someone responsible for hiring and recruiting new talent in a company? If yes then you will have to say goodbye to the old hiring conventions and adjust yourself according to the latest trends. Because internet plays a vital role in the hiring process today, a lot of things have completely changed from what they used to look like in the past. Let’s take a look at the top hiring tips for recruiters in 2019.

Top Recruitment Tips for 2019

Use Social Media

One of the things you have to realize is that social media is at the center of a lot of business related processes today. When it comes to hiring, you can’t rely on the online job boards solely anymore. Today, social networking websites are the best places to hunt for them most skilled and talented individuals. However, you have to adjust your job posts according to the social media trends. Most importantly, you will have to take advantage of visuals to get the attention to your ads instantly.

Target a Cultural Mix

If you haven’t already noticed, some of the biggest companies of the world are already benefitting from this. They hire people from different backgrounds and ethnicities to keep their workplace culture as diversified as possible. Companies are targeting workplace culture diversity because of its many benefits. First, it helps you target international audiences if you are an international business by understanding their very needs. More importantly, cultural diversity is at the heart of creativity in the workplace.

Use Hiring Software Tools

You can’t think of using the same outdated method of hiring today when every candidate understands technology quite well. You now have software tools that can help you with hiring. They are called application tracking systems (ATS). The best thing about ATS is that it eases and quickens the hiring process. In fact, the recent statistics from GetApp show that ATS has made hiring faster than before for over 86% of recruitment officers.

Take Advantage of Employee Referrals

This practice has been around since forever but it never gets old. Why you want to rely on employee referrals is because in most cases, these individuals turn out to be a great investment for the companies. Recent statics from Career Builder show that for nearly 82% employers, they get the best return on their investments when they hire people with employee referrals. However, you have to be sure that you communicate the open vacancies with all the employees and not just some specific ones.

Concluding Thoughts

It is amazing how technology has changed so much for the recruiters. In fact, you can even use software programs to manage your relations with recruitment consultants. They are great people to help you hire the best candidates, but to maintain a healthy relation with these amazing professionals, you have to take advantage of a reliable recruitment management platform. In the end, you might also want to wrap your head around SEO before posting your job ads. Since Google has become an aggregator and is now helping candidates find jobs with simple searches, SEO plays a vital role in making your job ads visible on the internet.

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