Why CloutHQ Is the Right Way to Do Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Why CloutHQ Is the Right Way to Do Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Instagram has emerged as one of the biggest social networks after Facebook, and that reason is big enough to convince marketers to target users on this platform. However, the best way to do marketing on Instagram is through influencers, i.e. hiring people with lots of followers and interactions to promote your products. Influencer marketing is effective on Instagram that just because of their demand on this social platform, nearly 40% of the marketers will hike up their marketing budgets to accommodate these new ways of marketing. Moreover, it is expected that in 2019 the spending on influencer marketing alone will be around $2.4 billion.

Why Instagram for Influencer Marketing

There is no other platform where influencers are as productive as they are on Instagram. When it comes to influencer marketing, more than 90% of the marketers prefer Instagram as their preferred choice. Moreover, Instagram has been the first choice of nearly 50% of influencers for promoting various brands to their followers. Over 60% deem it the best platform for interacting with their audience. The statistics are tremendously impressive when you consider the fact that there are other big giants like Facebook and Twitter around too.

How CloutHQ.com Can Help You

CloutHQ.com remains the best way for brands to approach influencer marketing on Instagram. Here are some common issues that brands often face when it comes to selecting and hiring Instagram influencers and how CloutHQ.com solves those problems.

Fake Influencers

The biggest problem is sifting through thousands of accounts and finding the legit ones. Believe it or not, many of the influencers on Instagram are fake. A fake influencer is working with fake likes, followers, etc. In other words, when you hire them, you are only promoting your products to the bots.

CloutHQ crowdsources the influencers. What that means is that marketers have already used their services. These are real people and they have landed into CloutHQ’s database only because some marketer worked with them.

Influencer Pricing

Whether you are a big brand or a small one, it is critical for you to manage marketing within a specified budget. You can’t just see an influencer and pick him/her. Some influencers can be extremely expensive. Some are cheap but nearly ineffective. Finding the ideal one is quite a task.

As you search through thousands and thousands of influencers, you can view their profiles all along and see their pricing details as well. Contact the ones you know will be willing to work for you within the budget you have set.

Influencer Effectiveness

Here is an idea to wrap your head around. An influencer with a million followers is not always a great influencer. In fact, an influencer with 100,000 followers might be better than one who has one million followers. How is that possible? Well, an influencer’s effectiveness is more about interaction than it is about followers. True influencers have high engagement and interaction rates. They might have a comparatively small following, but they have deeper penetration into their target audience.

CloutHQ brings the latest analytical details of the influencers at your disposal. With a click, you can see their engagement statistics such as likes, views, comments, etc.

Influencer Contacts

Even when you have found the right influencers, you are still a step away from taking advantage of their services. This is actually the most important part of hiring an influencer i.e. getting in touch. If you can’t find their contact details, it will become nearly impossible for you to hire them.

CloutHQ does not keep the contact details of the influencers hidden from you. When you like an influencer, just contact them and strike the perfect deal to promote your products and services.


As a marketer or brand owner, you will also love the fact that CloutHQ provides you a huge list of filters so you can search the ideal influencer who meets your exact needs. Furthermore, with an extension, you can even obtain the audit details of your chosen influencers while surfing on the internet. If you think your brand can benefit from influencer marketing, choosing CloutHQ.com is definitely the wisest decision can you make today.

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