Women Entrepreneurs: Things You Should Know

Women Entrepreneurs: Things You Should Know

Meeting the requirements of a housewife, mother and being an entrepreneur at the same time is not an easy job. It needs a woman to stay organized, balance working hours, keep quality time for her family with a positive approach, and have a personal drive to accomplish success. Interestingly, there are many women entrepreneurs who manage to climb that ladder to success along with doing all these tasks and set an inspiration for those willing to come to women entrepreneurship.

According to the Magazine Fortune, there are 50 most powerful women entrepreneurs who are known for their successful business ventures in the United States. There are many companies with excellent records for encouraging women to outclass their rivals by all measures of success. Also, there are several organizations with the higher representation of women on senior management positions that attain higher returns on equity and complete return to shareholders with more than one-third.

Qualities of Women Entrepreneurship

Below are some qualities that you must learn and possess when seeking to be successful in your entrepreneurship.

  1. Confidence: Mostly, women with strong minds confidently run their business. Being confident is the key to take your business to the new dimensions of success. However, confidence does not come itself; instead, it develops over time, based on your experience, learning, and achievements. So, if you are a strong-mined woman, you can get a quick start with your venture.
  2. Bravery: You can make all your dreams come true if you have the courage to chase them. When you have confidence, it automatically develops courage. Being a courage woman, you can bring in fortune and get the favor of a brave person. In other words, if you are courageous, you can cross all the hurdles and keep moving towards your success.
  3. Conviction: The success of women entrepreneurs is hidden in their conviction to become what they desire. You cannot be courageous if there is no confidence and assurance. It is very important to be sure that you can do what you are going to undertake.
  4. Competency: When it comes to a business, you need to have relevant skills and knowledge in order to do things successfully. Competency also talks about seeking opportunities, setting goals and objectives to attain, possessing the ability to take risks and accept challenges, perusing networking, and ensuring quality and efficiency.
  5. Innovation and Creativity: Another component of successful entrepreneurship is innovation and creativity. It is basically a concept of how to develop and clarify new ideas and transform those already in existence. Identifying innovative ideas and working on them can bring success for those women entrepreneurs who are not only creative but also know how to transform old ones uniquely. If you are willing to do a successful business, you must be able to identify underlying problems, challenges and hurdles along the way, and find out better solutions to overcome them.
  6. Communication: Whether it be men or women, no entrepreneurship can be successful if there is lack of effective communication. It is an inevitable factor for the growth, survival and establishment of your enterprise. In fact, women entrepreneurs with good communication skills can convey their message in a clearer and correct manner, and move that extra mile, making things work for them.

Women Entrepreneurs through History

Women have been economically active since ages though their part of work varied from that time until today depending on the form of needs as well as all practices of a society including cultural and social. They raised cattle with their men besides taking care of their children, making clothes, cooking and other similar tasks in the community of rural areas. Later, as urban areas developed, women started working outside their house, as laundresses, maids, nurses, market traders, sales women, and even courtesans. Poor women from ancient Greece were treated as an unqualified workforce to do the hardest jobs of that time. Instead of money, they were given food and accommodation against work.

Most ancient societies did not provide women any rights or protection until 14th century wherein British and French women entrepreneurs were acknowledged equally as men. Those were females who knew some of tailoring, weaving, shoemakers, and carpenters. Most of those females worked from their homes, manufacturing almost every item. They also started to get their payments and other basic rights directly.

In 19th century, when industrial revolution mesmerized the world and lots of factories developed, women started to work in them, becoming men’s opponent in many ways. However, they were mostly chosen for traditional female type jobs which were less valued and less paid. For textile factory owners, female employees were the best worker option since they were skillful and available for work for long hours against the lowest possible wages.

Later, in 20th century the scenario began to change. At the time of women’s liberation movement, almost nobody was aware of the term “women entrepreneurs”. They hardly had the confidence to hit the corporates in order to become entrepreneur. The National Organization for Women made female circle feel that their choice of limiting themselves till house work was a tedious and unskillful bottom of the barrel labor.

Most women homemakers quietly honed their skills and learned how to manage their mini corporations. They learned to budgeting, handling the cash flow, balancing checkbooks, negotiating with clients, dealing with their children arguments, organizing school fund raisers and lots more. Most interestingly, they learned all these techniques while doing all home errands, contributing to their community, working the closets at churches, and helping their female neighbors for their tasks.

In present time, women apply all those skills learned by observing their female relatives like mothers and aunts to corporate the country with amazing results. The term ‘women entrepreneurship’ is fast growing. Like men entrepreneurs, there are some qualities that help women entrepreneurs accomplish success. If you are a nurturer woman by nature, hold an entrepreneurial spirit, and ready to grow, cultivate, and raise a business that will successfully contribute to the economy and society, it is now time to make the decision and do something about it.

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