10 Best Marketing Software Programs to Choose For Your Business Today

10 Best Marketing Software Programs to Choose For Your Business Today

Time management is important for any business. In today’s contemporary era, when everything is depending on modern technology and regularly updating gadgets, using a marketing software that helps develop a business is a huge step in the right direction. While it may be a slow process to build a business sometimes, the correct marketing software along with perseverance can be handy for you to see a large range of impressive results soon.

A range of good marketing software programs can definitely make a huge difference in your advertising regimen. When it comes to getting noticed online, it is highly important to draw targeted traffic towards your website. This is exactly the point, where a marketing software program provides your business an opportunity to thrive. Usually, a business software application permits rebranding as well as allows you to insert text advertisements, banners, and a welcome page for your business.

There is a wide assortment of important business software programs that are simple and easy desktop applications. These are tested by professionals around the planet which means they have made their business through the beta period with an everyday use of such applications. Fortunately, most marketing software programs are equally helpful for business of all types. Everyone can use these applications to promote their business whether they are a beginner, are in transitional phase or working as a professional.

In today’s economy, marketing landscape for business is changing drastically. Businesses that want to effectively spread the word about their products and services, influence customers’ buying decisions, engage and retain them, have got to adapt these changes. Those that neglect these musts fall behind and are soon forgotten.

In this article, we will briefly review 10 great marketing software programs that help businesses remain relevant and succeed with their marketing efforts in the digital age. These software programs are meant to direct you through a step-by-step procedure, usually with a few clicks, a little bit of typing, and you are ready to promote. You will amaze to see how spending a couple of minutes of your valuable time can save you on money. Since time is alike money and in a large scheme of things, that is what we all want to do – save money.


This is a cloud-based marketing solution that comes with a full collection of personalization, customer engagement, and experience tools that can increase revenue, maximize customer long-lasting value, and boost B2B relationship. Exponea perfectly mixes engagement and analytics automation in order to help enhance customer service and experience with cutting-edge consumer analysis that allows businesses to get accurate predictions. This means marketers can arrange potent campaigns without having to rely too much on data from their information technology department because the marketing software provides tools to develop innovative solution their own.


Released in 2006, this marketing software serves as a more personalized and effective medium for a powerful inbound marketing solution. HubSpot comes with a host of diverse marketing apps including blogging tools, social media networking, marketing analytics, lead management, and social media. All these aspects are considered to be those tools people like to respond to.


Known as one of the top cloud based marketing software program, Vocus is intended to help acquire customers and retain them by making it easier for businesses to reach them through social media platforms and other online resources. The software combines a comprehensive assortment of advanced tools including email marketing, search marketing, social media marketing, and PR.


This is another one of the most established marketing software programs that make it easy for businesses to launch and manage diverse marketing campaigns effectively. Marketo has everything that businesses need to turn their advertising efforts into success. These inbound marketing tools include sales management dashboards, marketing & sales analytics, lead management, and social media marketing.


Based on an email platform, Yesware makes it easy for businesses to manage and keep track record of their emails, thereby reach close to more deals. The software flawlessly syncs with diverse CRMs including Microsoft, Oracle, Dynamics and Salesforce, helping salespeople save on time and boost efficiency. Moreover, the platform of Yesware trails email opens, offers in-email analytics, and data on user engagement.


It’s a software program that helps businesses increase their customer engagement and conversions via smart data in order to better recognize and respond to their customer requirements in real time. With Sailthru, marketers can have a more personalized user experience in terms of targeted emails.

Active Campaign

This marketing software is an all-in-one platform that comes with a range of tools to help small and medium size businesses obtain, engage, and retain their customer base. Its innovative marketing automation features such as “Listen and Learn” allows you to discover what each contact needs so you can deliver the most effective message to encourage them to turn into your customer. Likewise, its sales CRM tool is handy to know what is going on in your prospect’s mind in order to help you better manage and organize customer data as well as make well-informed decisions.


This is another good marketing software program which is based on retention automation platform. Optimove uses an exclusive customer modeling technology to allow businesses increase customer value during marketing campaigns. Moreover, it helps online businesses acquire more leads, improve customer engagement, reduce churn, and get back lost consumers. The software affects customer behavior in a highly relevant and personalized way which helps business boost productivity.


Moz aims to improve your website’s search engine rankings, drive traffic, and obtain new customers. The software offers both basic and most advanced tools that boost your SEO including SEO keyword generator, keyword research, link analysis, and website audit. Moz is an ideal application for startups and small businesses that look to get a kick-start with their newbie online presence and break ground in search engine. Likewise, this solution also offers advanced search marketing platform, allowing you to get access to one of the largest SEO communities on the internet.


MailChimp is an effective marketing software program that aims to help you easily customize your emails for every marketing campaign. It has many other useful features such as spam filter diagnostics, analytics and the option to perform geo-target and A-B test for your business marketing plans.

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