10 Top Businesses That Have Taken Over Digital Media and the Internet

10 Top Businesses That Have Taken Over Digital Media and the Internet

Stroke of luck or hard work, some businesses have taken over the internet. It is as though they are the representatives of the digital market all over the world. Of course, the internet gives every business an opportunity to grow beyond borders. However, there are certain ethics, strategies, methods, and techniques that a business must deploy for successful internet marketing. Global outreach is one thing, the internet also makes you a part of global competition. Hence, it makes sense to learn from the top businesses that have come so far as to being the biggest on the digital media today.

Top 10 Businesses on the Internet

1.Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry consists of small, medium and large companies today. In fact, it includes individuals who are acting as freelancers. Of course, the advent of the internet had to pave way for digital marketing. When there was no internet, market comprised newspaper ads, radio ads, TV commercials, etc. Now that we have internet and billions of people using it every day, digital marketing makes most sense. Digital marketing involves various marketing types in digital format. It can even be a billboard that’s connected to the internet and is displaying ads and commercials.

However, the major part of the digital marketing landscape is internet marketing. Internet marketing includes search engine optimization, website development, website design, pay per click marketing, banner ad marketing, blogging, content marketing, and much more. According to the recent estimates, 2018 will see companies all over the world spending nearly $32 billion dollars only on automating their digital marketing.


Crowdfunding has taken over the internet because it leverages the strengths of the digital world. Internet is supposed to bring the entire world in one place. It removes the boundaries and barriers that keep populations apart. When everyone is in one place, they have to support each other collectively. That’s what crowdfunding is all about. Crowdfunding on the internet is new, but the concept has been there for several years. If you want to know how nations used to crowdfund in the past, read a bit about the construction of the Statue of Liberty.

Crowdfunding is a buzzword but not a hollow one. Businesses have accumulated millions of dollars through crowdfunding. In fact, the popularity and somewhat prevalence of the cryptocurrency industry is also a result of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms, like KickStarter, have raised multi-billion dollars so far through their crowdfunding campaigns. Dance, music, theater, and comics remain the most successful campaigns. Funding for technology remains the most expensive in terms of millions of dollars invested.

3.Real Estate Investments

While real estate businesses have seen a good response after their digitization, real estate investments enjoy a special place in today’s digital world. Once again, crowdfunding has come about to be a great role player in the success of real estate investment industry. Some of the most famous real estate websites promote crowdfunding. These companies will accept small investments from hundreds of investors from around the world. This model gives everyone a chance to be a part of the real estate industry and benefit from some profits.

The stakeholders have also realized the need for technology in the real estate industry. In 2010, investors had put only $33 million in real estate technologies. However, that spending has increased to $5 billion in 2017. It is a clear indicator that real estate investors understand how important today’s technology is for the success of their businesses.

4.IT Outsourcing

As small businesses continue to emerge and rely on technology for their success and growth, IT outsourcing sees an increase with time. IT outsourcing is a suitable model for small and medium sized companies. They can outsource their IT operations to the professionals while paying a monthly fee for their services. On the other hand, these same companies cannot afford to manage their IT in-house due to the huge costs. The best part of ITO (information technology outsourcing) is that businesses can outsource just about any IT function today.

From basic helpdesk for daily troubleshooting tasks to hiring on-demand data officers, the options are unlimited today. Once again, the two main reasons for businesses to go for IT outsourcing are: Cost Savings and Business Growth. According to Statista, IT outsourcing contracts around the world amount to a huge $64.3 billion. Many businesses also outsource their IT operations to take advantage of the best security standards. That’s because cyber threats are increasing over the course of time and small businesses usually do not have the funds to get back on their feet after a hit.

5.Video Streaming

Video streaming is available in more forms than you might realize today. In the past, video streaming was all about watching a video on YouTube for free. However, as TV continues to move into the digital world, many video streaming models have emerged on the surface too. Today, you have to familiarize yourself with terms like video on demand, over the air, etc. It is now possible for you to watch your favorite TV programming on any device you want. Your TV service provider is not the only company that can deliver that content to you. In addition to that, you can decide how you want to pay for watching a certain program.

You have various pricing models to choose from. You can watch free content but with advertisements, i.e. you can’t skip the ads. Another model is that you rent some content for a specific duration for a fee. Once that duration is over, the content is no longer available to you. Lastly, you have subscription models wherein you pay a monthly fee to access certain programs or number of channels. Video on demand businesses are on the rise today. According to the recent estimates, VOD market will be generating nearly $74 billion in the next six years.

6.Financial Services

Companies that provide financial services are quickly embracing the new technology. In fact, there is a term that defines that injection of technology into the financial industry, i.e. FinTech. More and more financial service providers are saying yes to the technologies that simplify their services, quicken the processes, and broaden their outreach to the customers. With the help of new technologies, financial services have seen a huge increase in their popularity on the internet. Today, you have small insurance carriers competing with large insurance companies in the same battlefield. If you are looking for insurance for your motorcycle and some big company is not ready to do that, you can choose from the many small specialized motorcycle insurance companies. Similarly, finding business funding options has become easier since the popularity of financial institutions that offer funding options.

It will not be wrong to say that technology has saved a lot of time for financial services providers. It is this spare time that has allowed them to focus on their internet marketing strategies. Keep in mind that AI-based fraud detection and chat bot customer service providers have reduced the time of these processes significantly. Who is giving such power to these financial service providers? It is the FinTech industry that creates the software solutions to digitalize the financial services. The most lucrative side of FinTech and financial services is the digitalization of payments. Due to digitization, transaction values in the financial services are expected to surpass $5,400,000 million in 2022.


Ecommerce is the fastest growing industry on the internet. In most cases, people think ecommerce is customers buying various products from online retailers. That’s just a small part of ecommerce. This industry can take many shapes and forms. For example, when you pay taxes to the government using an online application, that’s ecommerce too. When businesses buy from businesses and pay digitally, that also constitutes as ecommerce. It is okay to say that Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc. are the biggest names of the ecommerce industry. They are also the ones that have helped ecommerce turn into what it is today.

The good thing is that these platforms now give individuals at homes a chance to start their own businesses. You can start your own dropshipping store on Amazon or Shopify today to be an entrepreneur. Ecommerce is on the rise and it is one industry that you can say has only started to grow. By 2021, there is an estimate that only the retail side of the ecommerce industry will go past $4.5 trillion mark. Do you know that means a 246% boost to the industry when you compare it with where it was in 2014?


Who does not love lottery? Spending a few dollars for the chance of winning millions – there isn’t anything as striking as that. The lottery industry has flourished with the internet too. It is also among the early and appropriate adopters of the technology. The first thing that lottery establishments did around the world was simplifying the lottery participation with their online websites. Secondly, they emphasized transparency in everything. The lottery industry is so it dwarfs the gambling industry. For example, gambling industry could surpass the figure of $50 billion as 2020 comes to an end. On the other hand, Lottery industry was already a whopping $187.1 billion more than a decade ago.

In 2016, the lottery industry turned into a $294 billion giant. It is only going to get better for lottery owners and operators as mobile devices help lottery craze penetrate further into national and international audience. Today, people taking part in lottery can buy tickets online, store those tickets in their online lottery accounts, and most importantly, get notified of their win in their emails. So, you can’t sleep on a lottery you have already won anymore.

9.Cloud Computing

When the concept of cloud computing technology was new, people thought it was only a way of storing their files on the internet. In fact, many did not even trust the services for storing their personal files. The industry exploded with time as the technology got better. Soon, the businesses had realized that the cloud was more than just storing files on a third party server. Today, the concept is much bigger and cloud has become integral to various business operations. For example, you now have cloud hosting – a hosting model in which your resources increase and decrease automatically based on your requirements.

So, if you experience a sudden spike of traffic on your website after an ad campaign and you want to increase your bandwidth, you can do that for that short session only. Similarly, cloud computing now allows 3D and CGI artists to render their creations using online cloud platforms. These platforms take advantage of the power of many computers collocated into one unit.

10.Online Casino

Online casinos have also opened a new door for people to indulge in their favorite activity while sitting in their homes. From slots to poker and other thousands of games, online casinos are now available on computers, tablets, and smartphones. The excuse of people spending their times in casinos does not apply anymore. They can now be a part of live events and games while sitting in their bedrooms. It wont’ be wrong to say that online casinos were quick to realize the potential of their online market. It is for this reason they launched extremely attractive websites and came up with the most striking promotions to pull people into the game.

Online casinos might see huge shift in how they operate in the coming times. Various developers have come up with the idea of blockchain-based casinos that will be more transparent and less costly for players sitting at home. The increased transparency and reduced costs are a huge attraction for people to be active on online casinos.

Bottom Line

If you look at these industries on the internet today, you will realize that their popularity is not a stroke of luck. The large companies that popularized these industries are the strongest in the game. They have reached a point that they can set standards, start new trends, and create technologies that others have to adopt immediately to stay competitive. Lastly, you can’t say that any of these businesses have reached the peak of their progress. In the times to come, you will only see them grow better and bigger.

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