5 Cute And Adorable Gifts For Your Valued Clients And Employees

5 Cute And Adorable Gifts For Your Valued Clients And Employees

Giving a gift is a great way to show the people in your life that you care about them. While it might be customary to shower loved ones with presents, businessmen and businesswomen often forget about their clients and employees. Shopping for a family member can be relatively easy as we know their likes and dislikes, whereas it might be a little bit more challenging to buy for a client or employee as their gift preferences may vary.

Unknown to most, there are a plethora of gifts that show your employees and clients your appreciation of them. Here are five cute and adorable gifts that are excellent options for valued clients and employees.

1. Fridge Magnets

You cannot go wrong with a fridge magnet as there are many ways to customize this item, and it is a functional item. Employees often love receiving small tokens of appreciation such as magnets as they can showcase their pride for the company. Magnets can be placed on fridges and whiteboards, so both employees and clients can find a place where their magnet looks best.

If you have any photos of your employees or clients from a holiday party or event, you can add their picture to the magnet along with the company logo. If you do not have any photos, you can always personalize the magnet with their name in their favorite color. For clients, you can give them a magnet that states their company or name along with your company to show that you are unified in making their business the best it can be. Give away fridge magnets as they are typically inexpensive to purchase, so it is a great way to show your appreciation without breaking the bank.

2. Handmade Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an excellent gift for just about anyone as it is full of surprises. For clients, you can create a gift basket for the individual or the team you are working with from a company. For a group basket, you can add personalized handwritten letters thanking each along with an assortment of chocolates and sweet treats.

When making a basket, be sure to leave out any high-risk foods such as peanuts and nuts as people might be allergic to them. It is essential to think of the individual in mind when creating a basket along with any company policies. Some companies prohibit employees from spending over a certain amount on gifts per client, so it is essential to go with a few items that are not too lavish.

A variety of sweet and salty treats are a great way to fill a basket as most people enjoy either salty or sweet items, so they are sure to like something.

For employees, have them fill out a short survey on their favorite items before creating a basket. The survey could be open-ended or have pre-written answers that are meant to be circled. On the survey, you could request that each employee lists their favorite non-alcoholic beverage, candy, and snack. After receiving the surveys, you can fill each employees basket with treats along with a few small surprises such as a five dollar gift card.

3. Coffee Mug

Everyone has their warm beverage of choice, and one can never have too many coffee mugs. An excellent way to show your appreciation for your team and your valued clients is by giving them all coffee mugs with an inspirational quote such as “Together, we can achieve anything.”

By getting the same quote on all the mugs, you can keep costs low while providing a cute gift that can be used all year. These adorable coffee mugs can be given out whenever you take on a new client during that same year as they can be stored easily.

Sometimes people forget to bring a coffee mug to work, and they are left without coffee or tea for the day. By giving your staff and clients mugs, they can have a cup that can be dedicated solely for work, so they never have to miss out on their caffeine again during work hours.

4. Treats with Puns

A cute and simple way to surprise your clients and employees is by attaching a pun written on paper to a piece of candy or snack. One of the cutest ideas for this gift is to attach a Starburst onto a piece of construction paper that has the words “You are a star” written on it. Another adorable idea is to attach a piece of paper that says “You deserve a break” onto a full-sized or fun-sized KitKat.

Candy and treats are always appreciated in the office place; however, the puns go above and beyond by creating a positive atmosphere through words. Clients and employees will appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this gift. This gift can be easily distributed to everyone individually or left in the break room in a bowl so everyone can take one when he or she goes on break.

5. Individually-Packaged Donuts

Everyone loves the person who brings donuts to work. Go above and beyond being just the person who provides these delicious treats by finding unique donuts and individually packaging them for clients and employees.

There are so many bakeries and stores that produce donuts of all flavors such as bacon, cheesecake, and cupcake; however, that isn’t all. Some bakeries create specialty donuts for people who are vegan or gluten-free. When purchasing and packaging your donuts, you can tie the individual bags or boxes with ribbon and attach a label. On the label, you can write out the name of the donut and if it has any allergens.

This an adorable way to show your clients and employees that you truly value them as they will certainly appreciate the time and effort you took into packaging each donut. Donuts are typically affordable and are easily accessible. When distributing the donuts, you can make a menu so that customers and clients can choose their preferred donut without rummaging through the bags.

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