5 Most Useful Business Software You Must Have Today

5 Most Useful Business Software You Must Have Today

Managing a business involves a number of complex processes. Business software is an umbrella term used to refer to a variety of computer programs that are used by businesses for performing different business tasks and functions and assist in managing the information. These applications can be immensely useful in cutting down costs, promoting efficient use of resources and boosting productivity, which can make a business profitable. Here are some of the best business software you need to get for achieving your business goals:

1.   Vend POS Software

With Vend POS Software, you can offer your customers a great, mobile checkout along with the digital receipts and all the possible imaginable ways to make payments. Sell your most profitable products on the internet just by connecting Vend POS Software to the e-commerce website you have developed. You can painlessly manage orders and inventory, regardless of how you click, collect, or fulfill your orders.

2.   Limble CMMS

Maintenance management is also a very important component of a business and Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is designed for this purpose. With Limble, you can use just one screen for viewing all assets, a calendar of PMs and work orders and setting work priority to ensure the right things are done first. It allows you to view all your assets and their respective work orders, history, report, preventative maintenance and other elements from one place. There is no need for you to open several different screens to know what is happening in your building.

3.   Wrike

Every business needs to have a project management and collaboration program to ensure all tasks and functions run smoothly. Wrike can be used for assigning daily tasks, setting and tracking schedules and deadlines. Wrike is a scalable and cloud-based solution for these needs and it provides a single dashboard for organizing different projects and also comes with some useful social collaboration tools to help with the process. Assignments can also be prioritized so projects with early deadlines are completed first.

4.   Logicbox

This is also cloud-based business management software, which works best for small to medium-sized businesses in different industries. The various modules that are included in the software are customer support, contact management, opportunity and lead management as well as marketing automation. You can find a horde of standard customer relationship management (CRM) functions that can be easily configured for automating and incorporating unique and different processes in the company workflow. It does all of this by creating one integrated system. You can also use it for campaign or task management. Every module can be customized according to the needs of the business and custom permission and approvals, analytics and report and notifications can be set.

5.   mHelpDesk

Customer relationships are an improvement for every business and mHelpDesk is aimed at businesses that are part of the service industry. There are multiple features that make mHelpDesk great for businesses such as the integration with QuickBooks for managing accounts. There is also the offline mode that enables people to use the program in areas where there is no internet or cell reception.

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