5 Timeless Tips to Up Your Home’s Luxury Quotient

5 Timeless Tips to Up Your Home’s Luxury Quotient

If you’re a homeowner with discerning taste, you must be constantly looking for ways to infuse a feeling of warm, subdued luxury into your home. Upgrading your home enhances its ambience, making you want to spend more time indoors, and it can also increase your home’s resale value by thousands of dollars.

Here are five ways to give a glamorous yet elegant feel to your home.

Upgrade your flooring

Changing the flooring is one of the best and quickest ways to upgrade your interiors. New flooring can bring a drastic change to your home’s atmosphere and it’s an investment that will pay off if and when you decide to sell your house.

White wooden flooring adds charm and warmth to a space, you can opt for heated flooring for the bathrooms and kitchen. For a quick and affordable makeover, change the carpeting to a bright new color for a fresh, posh look.

Upgrade doors and windows

You’d be surprised at how much difference changing the doors and windows to a chic, modern design can enhance your home’s atmosphere. Alternatively, you can choose to paint some of the doors or window panels in lively yet muted colors.

Changing old curtains to a fluid, translucent fabric is also a quick and affordable way to add a touch of luxury to your space without taking it apart.

Go after the lighting in your home

Whenever people think of upgrading their homes, they tend to focus on the elements visible to them at eye level, such as furniture, drapes and decoration. While lighting can do wonders for an indoor space, it hardly ever gets the attention it deserves.

Playing around with lighting is a great way to uplift your living space. Replace harsh, outdated lighting with modern fixtures with dimmers in classy designs. Mood lighting, bespoke table lamps, and artistic outdoor lighting—all work together in giving your home a luxe look.

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Bring in fresh flowers and greens

If you’ve ever been to a luxury hotel, you must have noticed how fresh flowers are an essential part of its ambience. Real flowers and greenery have the power to add an understated yet invigorating freshness to any space.

For everyday goodness, place easy-to-maintain indoor plants around the house and also spruce up your patio and backyard with happy greens. Grow your own flowers or buy a bunch or two every weekend to place in simple yet elegant vases.

Upgrade your bathrooms

Nothing enhances the luxury quotient of a home like well-maintained bathrooms. Aside from keeping your washrooms clean, enhance their visual appeal by adding posh elements such as a Jacuzzi tub or an enclosed shower if space and budget allow.

For luxury on a budget, replace old towels with lush, new ones; place towel racks on the walls; install a large decorative mirror; and get new bathmats.

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