Accounting Simplified? Find Out in This DIY Accounting in 7 Days Review

Accounting Simplified? Find Out in This DIY Accounting in 7 Days Review

One of the biggest issues small businesses and startups face is the handling of their finances. They are doing everything else right, but mismanaging their finances is what gets the best of them. What hurts these businesspersons the most is that improper handling of accounting eats up their profits as well. What they end up with is unnecessary penalties in taxes. The DIY Accounting in 7 Days by Claire Walters is definitely a book that will help thousands of new and small business owners around the world overcome the challenge of accounts handling in their businesses.

The Contents of the Book

DIY Accounting in 7 Days is a guide that helps the business owners step by step in understanding how accounting works. Every serious business owner understands that accounting starts even before the business does. From setting up the business to integrating a daily accounting system and maintaining it, these tasks require some serious understanding of accounting. Hiring a professional helps but you can’t be on top of things unless you understand the workings of the accounting system in your business. The books guides you step by step in understanding everything related to accounting.

Not only does it help you with organize everything so there is a proper accounting system working in your business, but it also assists you with best record keeping practices. A lot of the accounting related problems start with improper record keeping or erroneous bookkeeping. Last thing you know, taxing authorities penalize you for reporting your taxes erroneously. That’s where your troubles start. In addition to that, when you can’t tell how much profit you are making against the revenue your business generating, you can’t expand or even keep your business afloat.

Top Reasons to Buy DIY Accounting in 7 Days

Here are some of the major reasons why you should get your hands on this book.

  • It addresses the most common problem that causes thousands of small businesses to fail every year.
  • It is a step by step guide, so even if you know nothing about accounting today, you will know all about it in seven days.
  • It is not just theory. Instead, it provides you actionable information so you can bring the necessary changes to the way your business operates.
  • It is written in a step by step manner so it is easy for every business owner to digest the information without spending time on interpreting what things mean in the book.
  • It can help business owners take control of their businesses and make them profitable.

About the Author (Claire Walters)

You will love how Claire Walters has approached such a serious problem that many have ignored to this day. Being an expert in the field of accounting, Claire Walters understands the best ways to make first timers learn the accounting concepts. The language she has used is plain for 100% understanding. Her way of explaining things makes this guide an effortless read yet a valuable asset for anyone who has a new business or is considering starting one.

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