The Advantages of Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

The Advantages of Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

Augmented reality is playing a vital role in the automotive industry as it is becoming immensely useful for offering great customer service. This technology is literally bringing the automotive industry to the customers on a platter. It enables engineers to visualize and develop concepts in a more effective and different way and to provide better training to employers to enhance their performance.

There are software that allow augmented reality testing helping automotive engineers achieve their goals. Also, there are some more advanced software going to be released, such as Arrccar, which is going to allow full, intuitive control as well as free movement in Augmented Reality. The beta software makes it possible to do Augmented Reality function and basic vehicle control testing.

Some of the major benefits that augmented reality has had to offer to the automotive industry are outlined below:

Test driving without actually being in a vehicle

With the help of augmented reality, automobile companies are able to provide potential customers a great opportunity to drive a vehicle without actually being in one. They don’t have to be physically present in the vehicle, but can still take a test drive in it to see if they wish to buy it. Through augmented reality, users are able to see the world outside the window directly from the car’s perspective thereby enjoying a full-blown experience. The rest of the car can also be viewed by moving it 360 degrees. In this way, people don’t have to visit a showroom or go on the road for a test drive because all of it can be done at home.

Reducing road rage

Stress, whether due to work or their personal life, often makes drivers behave irrationally when they are on the road. Rage is often triggered when someone hits the brakes too quickly, honks too loudly or tries to cut them. They may demonstrate angry gestures, shout obscene words or make use of foul language. Physical violence can often ensue in these situations. But, digital signs that flash across the windshield and inform them the reason for the hurry thanks to augmented reality. These signs are transparent, don’t block vision and still convey the message.

Vehicle designing

Augmented reality is also handy throughout the vehicle design process. Manufacturers can take advantage of this technology for making their vehicles better. With the use of AR, they are able to assess the parts in the early stages and make modifications as required, which reduces the time and cost involved in the launch phase. The manufacturers are able to obtain the exact picture of how the car will perform once it gets on the road.

Showing variants

A showroom can house only so many cars at one time. There is a possibility that customers visit a showroom and don’t find the car they are looking for. This can be a waste of time and very disappointing. Fortunately, this problem can be eliminated with augmented reality. Dealers and showrooms can use AR for showing customers different variants of cars they wish to see and test drive them to their heart’s content. This can also simplify the decision-making process and help in ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.

Apart from these benefits, augmented reality can also be useful for providing better support services to customers remotely. These benefits have made it quite popular in the automotive industry.

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