Amazing Features of Instagram Business Profile for Marketers

Amazing Features of Instagram Business Profile for Marketers

Instagram introduced Instagram Business Profile back in 2016. Since then influencers, businesses, and social media celebrities are upgrading their personal accounts to business accounts to get more insights about their followers’ demographics, impressions & website clicks etc.

Instagram seems more visual focused app as compared to Facebook. Despite this, In many ways, it seems an extension to Facebook. But it lacked user data due to which advertisers felt uncomfortable and less satisfied while running promotional campaigns. That’s why Instagram introduced business profile. The main goal behind this business tool (as they call it) is to give advertisers more details on choosing the targeted audience for their campaigns.

A business profile comes with these Five Pros:

Add a Contact Button (Call to Action)

Instagram permitted in business profile to add a contact button so people can call business, email them or see their location from the map.

Add Links to Stories

Instagram stories have 400 million daily active users crossing snapchat where this feature was first introduced. So adding a link to the landing page in a story can be very profitable for businesses.

But this feature is limited to specific business accounts that have minimum 10,000 followers. Once a business account crosses the number Instagram automatically enables this feature for that account. Taking a new account to from zero to 10,000 is no less than pain in the ass. At this point services like Instapple help you get an unlimited number of Followers in no time.

Business Category (Industry)

Your business industry will show up on your business profile. When you created a Facebook page, they asked to choose a business category. Now when you link your instagram profile to your Facebook which is optional, the very same category is automatically chosen for your business profile, but you have the right to change it in the settings.

Instagram Insights

This feature’s addition changes the whole concept of handling and promoting a business account. Business can now see how their posts are performing, their followers’ demographics and much more. This essential data helps them keep track of their posts performance and what kind of posts bring them more revenue.

As specified by Facebook, Instagram business accounts have access to these insights: Discovery, Impressions, Reach, Interactions, Website Clicks, and Profile Visits.

Advertise on Instagram & Promote Posts

If you have the budget and want to advertise on instagram, you will have to link a Facebook page to your business account. Facebook gives you an option where you want your promoted posts to show up whether in Facebook news feed, Instagram & Messenger.


  • Business profiles can’t be set to private.
  • You can’t link to multiple profile (only a Facebook can be linked)

Switch over to Business profile from Personal Profile

Switching from personal profile to business profile is pretty easy, just click on settings icon and there will be option called “Switch to Business Profile”, click on that & Fill in all about your business e.g. contact details, email or address (so your customers can contact you) & choose a category and connect your Facebook business page (optional).

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