How To Get Beef Jerky Packages To Stand Out

How To Get Beef Jerky Packages To Stand Out

Beef jerky is one of the most loved food products that are often stored in flexible packages. As a producer of delicious beef jerky, you’ll obviously want to give it one of the stand-out packages probably in order to promote sales and attract more customers in the marketplace. It is no news that consumers are first attracted to a products packaging before eventually falling in love with the content.

As you read this article further, you’re certain to find out how you can give your beef jerky one of the stand-out packages out there.

Customize Your Beef Jerky Packaging

Customization is certainly one of the ways you can have the stand-out jerky packaging of your choice. If you’re using beef jerky bags, you can utilize custom printed logos in sprucing up the appearance of your jerky packaging.

While helping to portray an attractive design, customized labels on beef jerky packaging also boosts your potentials in the marketplace. Advisably, seek the services of PBFY or any other company that specializes in the customization of beef jerky bags and stand-up pouches. Rather than you adopting the time-wasting manual process, such a company will utilize its machines in printing and applying your desired labels on your beef jerky bags.

In another case, you may give specifications as to how the company should help you in fully creating custom-designed beef jerky pouches.

Use Dual function Barrier Bags

There are a good deal of packaging materials for beef jerky but barrier bags seem to be the solution to the inflexibility and the inconvenience boxes and other rigid packages pose to the storage of beef jerky.

Based on observations, flat barrier bags protect beef jerky effectively all through and even beyond the “best by date’’ specified by the manufacturer of the beef jerky. By virtue of their design, flat barrier bags are also capable of preventing beef jerky from external moisture hence ensuring that the product remains fresh over a long period of time.

Interestingly, all this is made possible reason being that beef jerky barrier bags are produced through the combined lamination of multiple layers of scientifically formulated food-grade film.

So, having a beef jerky bagging that offers maximum protection and durability will help your product stand out in the market and probably drive more sales.

Offer packaging with consumer-oriented features.

Aside from their quality storage capability plus maximum safety, let your beef jerky packaging offer consumer-oriented features.

Packages with zip lock closures are a great starting point. Also, optional tear notches can be made available to make way for convenient opening of the bags. Obviously, the surety of convenience is one of the things most customers of food products will be craving to enjoy.

Having consumer friendly additions to the packaging open a lot more marketing opportunities as this news features can be the focal point of the marketing department.

Add Some Promotional Stickers

The application of promotional stickers, product labels and custom printing in the pack are stand out features that are a rarity in the beef jerky market.

One great application of this stand out idea can be found in Apple products. All new Apple macs and iPhones ship out of the box with Apple promotional stickers. This unique offering is why a section of the market are in love with Apple devices. Therefore, getting stand-out jerky packages is very easy provided you’ve got the ability –coupled with the creativity –to fashion out unique offerings for customers.

Take a cue from Apple and place one ore more promotional stickers in your beef jerky packaging to separate you from the competition.

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