How to Grow Instagram 10X More Effectively than Paid Ads

How to Grow Instagram 10X More Effectively than Paid Ads

Facebook ads have served as the gold standard when it comes to social advertising for a long time because the leading social media network enables brands to target extremely niche markets. In addition, it has also empowered marketers for gaining rapid insights into successful combinations of placement, audience, creativity and other variables for optimizing their campaigns. After Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, it also added the image sharing app in the placement option and gave marketers everything they needed. Therefore, it can be immensely tempting to consider Instagram ads the same way as Facebook ads.

The problem is that users have the tendency of engaging with both platforms in different and unique ways and this is where marketers have to be savvy. Instead of relying on paid ads to grow Instagram audience, they have the opportunity to build trust and emotionally connect with their audience 10x more effectively. Here are some ways that you can accomplish this goal:

Stick to user-generated instead of ad-content

Candid-style posts do a lot better on Instagram because it is not possible to schedule posts on this platform. People are more likely to engage with your brand and warm up to it if they feel as if they are seeing something authentic and fresh. With user-generated content, a two-way relationship can be created between brand and consumer. As Instagram users have also learned to identify ads, it is a good idea to skip ads and use powerful brand marketing and visual storytelling.

Use video for building audiences

When you are looking to lower ad costs, but still want to grow Instagram, you can choose to create slideshow-style videos from photographs, which can be used for targeting consumers that don’t have a brand affinity and are at top of the funnel. With video traffic, the acquisition cost is a lot lower and an audience can be built more affordably.

Make use of retargeting

One of the best ways that brands can retarget potential consumers is by adding a tracking pixel to an app or a website. This allows you to target all those people who have visited your website or app before. As these people are already familiar with your brand, your advertisement can be a lot more effective. The number of people who convert is a lot higher as compared to other tactics, including Instagram ads.

Use professional services

Some people may argue that you will have to pay a professional service as well to grow Instagram audience and target your followers, but the overall cost will be quite low when compared to the cost of ads. Plus, professional services like have experience in this regard and are able to use numerous tactics and strategies to grow Instagram account 10x more effectively than paid ads.

You can use a combination of these tips in order to get the followers you need on your Instagram account and expand your reach quickly and effectively.

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