Is a Gaming Mouse Just Like Any Other Mouse

Is a Gaming Mouse Just Like Any Other Mouse

If you are a computer user and have stepped in the world of gaming recently, you must have received suggestions about buying a gaming mouse. You might wonder if a gaming mouse has anything different to offer. A mouse is a just a mouse, right? It is a pointing device that lets you move in a certain direction a game. What more could you ask for? Believe it or not, a gaming mouse is nothing like a regular mouse that you use with your personal computer on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at a few things that make them different from ordinary mouse.

Things That Make a Gaming Mouse Different

  • Performance

Is performance a thing with a computer mouse? Yes, it is definitely a thing when you are a gamer. For a gamer, a mouse must have a very quick response time to avoid unnecessary delays in games. In addition to that, a gaming mouse must also have very high precision, which is often denoted as DPI (Dots per Inch). These mice even need calibration time to time to maintain maximum performance.

  • Ergonomics

An ordinary mouse is designed with only one focus: comfort of the user. The design is more like the best guess the company takes to create something that will suit everyone. On the other hand, the ergonomics of a gaming mouse can be changed on the go. They usually have weights attached to them to help you change their center of gravity. Depending on how you use the mouse in a particular game, you can change those settings.

  • Buttons

The mouse you use daily usually has three buttons i.e. left click, right click, clickable scrolling wheel. On the other hand, a gaming mouse can have up to a dozen buttons on it. Each button is designed to perform a different action in the game. It reduces the use of keyboard while playing a game to minimum.

  • Constructions Material

Almost every mouse that you have used so far is made of plastic. On the other hand, gaming mouse can be made of a lot of different materials. To make them more durable for gamers and heavy use, many companies are using aluminum to make gaming mouse.

  • Exclusivity

That’s something you will notice in the latest gaming mice. Not every gamer can use the same mouse for every game. There are different types of games e.g. role playing, strategy, first person shooting, etc. Today, companies have started to make mice exclusively for a certain group of gamers. For example, a gaming mouse can be designed exclusively for FPS (First Person Shooting) gaming with buttons for switching inventory, sniping, etc.

Final Word

Now that you understand what a gaming mouse is, you have to find the best one from the pack. As you search, you will realize that there are hundreds of gaming mouse to choose from. Let OneCrack Gaming help you pick the best one. The one thing you should keep in mind before buying your first gaming mouse is to start with the basics. The more features a gaming mouse has the more expensive it will. Start with a basic and affordable one, and work your way up from there.

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