Top 5 Softwares Which Help you Recover Deleted Photos from Laptop

Top 5 Softwares Which Help you Recover Deleted Photos from Laptop

Today, Data is one of the most essential things for an individual as well as for the companies. It is like a weapon which enables a person to take control over others and also helps in maintaining the records. In personal life also it provides various benefits as for an individual one of the most important data is photos. Photos are very essential in every person’s life and can help a person to gather and capture their one of the best moments of life and keep them alive for ages. People use various devices like computers, smartphones, SD card etc. to store their memories but sometimes accidentally because of virus attacks, system crash, user negligence; lost partitions etc. the photos or the data gets deleted from the devices thus leaving the person in huge stress and tension.

In today’s time, with the advancement in technology there are various software’s developed by companies which can help in retrieving the photos from various devices like computers, laptop, smartphones and many others etc. Also, this software’s are the answer to many persons question i.e. how to recover deleted photos.

List of the top ranked software’s for photo and data recovery

There are the various software’s in the market which serves the purpose of retrieving the lost data from many devices out of which some best are mentioned below.

1. Recoverit

Recoverit is one of the most powerful and most reliable software which helps to recover deleted photos effectively and efficiently. This software enables the user to recover any type of data whether photos, videos or documents. Also, it can retrieve the data from all the storage devices like computers, hard disks, laptops, SD cards etc. This software has a user friendly interface and does not show errors.

2. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is one of the most advanced data recovery software developed by clever files. It is the leader among data recovery software’s in the market and can be used to scan external and internal storage devices. This software has the most advanced functions and also attain 2 additional data loss prevention techniques.

Recovery vault – This technique adds a layer to Recycle bin, and create a backup reference to all the deleted photos and files.

Guaranteed Recovery – This technique keeps a copy of every file moved to a previous folder.

With the help of these 2 techniques and its ability Disk drill increases the chances of retrieving the photos and files in the uncorrupted state.

3. Pro Soft data rescue 5

Data rescue 5 is one of the most effective developments of pro soft engineering and is one of the most powerful software for performing data recovery. This software provides a free File finder which allows the user to review the photos and other data before retrieving them. This software has the ability to recognize duplicate files and enables the user to preview their choice of recovery. Also, this software interface helps the user to determine the scanning method that they want to employ and also provides recovery from RAID arrays. So, it is one of the best tools in the market to date.

4. Pandora Recovery

Pandora is one simplest and the easiest software with user-friendly interface. Pandora helps in recovering deleted photos and other media from various devices like hard drives, memory cards, computers etc. Pandora works on 3 basic methods i.e. Browse, search and surface.

Browse provides a list of recovered files

Search option allows the user to find and recover data using date, name, and size.

Surface scan can help in finding the data more precisely and effectively.

So, all in all, Pandora is useful software which can definitely solve the user problems.

5. Recuva

Recuva is one of the most advanced and most used software used in all over the world for recovering various personal as well as professional data. Recuva is developed by piriform and can help the user to recover even the permanently deleted files. This software can recover data from various devices like USB flash drives, memory cards, hard drives, computers, smartphones etc. Thus, Recuva is one of the most solid and the most appropriate application or software for lost data recovery.

6. Restoration

Restoration is one simplest and the most precise software which is used to recover files from computers, laptops, memory cards etc. This software is very simple and does not require complex installation. Its interface is user-friendly and very easy to understand. It is a good tool to produce good and efficient recovery speed.


Above all mentioned software’s are one of the most efficient software’s developed for the purpose of retrieving photos and other data from various devices. A user must choose the one which according to him suits his need in order to stay tension free.

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