ATT Business Internet Review: Making Connecting Easier

ATT Business Internet Review: Making Connecting Easier

Owning and running a small business is not a small task. It requires you to make sure that varied business operations being carried out flawlessly and timely. Likewise, it also needs a speedy internet connection with other relevant services working at a considerably fast pace in order to maximize the productivity within the company. ATT Business Internet is an established name in the telecommunications industry that not only helps your business flawlessly stay connected all the time but ensure it gets the most finest customer satisfaction and 24/7 technical support for nonstop business operations.

ATT Business Internet is an internationally recognized telecommunications company which takes the pleasure of boasting the most revenue of any communication organization around the globe. As a telecommunications giant, they offer a series of products and services, such as internet, television, and telephones services though ATT Business Internet may not be the perfect option for business of all types. Since it has many internet plans that comprise several gaps, the company is not something to fit all considerations.

ATT DSL Internet

The short form of Digital Subscriber Line, DSL uses existing copper telephone cables to send data between your computers and the internet. In this type of internet setup, phone lines may act like a dial-up but are completely unlike them since the information is sent at a different frequency rate from the one being used for voice calls. This not only keeps your internet connection away from interfering in your landline telephone and gives a much faster speed.

Depending on the location, ATT DSL internet connection has various options to offer. For instance, Asymmetric DSL is known for its rutted download and uploading speeds. It usually comprises much faster speeds which go up to 24 Mbps if you want to download something while it offers 3 Mbps for uploading.

ATT Fiber Internet

In addition to offering cable and DSL internet services, ATT Business Internet comes with fiber internet connection which is the fastest internet type on the market. This type of internet allows you to do anything in a matter of an eye blink whether you are downloading a long HD movie or transferring a heavy PPT file to another computer on the network.

Basic Features

ATT Business Internet comprises a competitively prices suite of basis bandwidth plans for small companies. Other useful features look like below:

  1. Available Bandwidth Speeds – Depending on your locations and bandwidth requirements of internet connections, the company offers varying speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps (best for minimal internet needs). Likewise, customers using fiber internet plan can avail bandwidth speeds up to 1 Gbps (premium plans are available at a higher cost).
  2. Monthly Costs – Depending on bandwidth plans, ATT Business Internet charges its customers $40 to $60 on monthly basis. 10 percent of monthly price increases after one year.
  3. Contract Terms – In order to utilize DSL internet services from ATT Business Internet, individuals or businesses must sign at least one-year agreement.
  4. Standing Features – The Company has several important features, such as, Wi-Fi gateway router, ATT smart home manager app, Wi-Fi hotspots (over 30,000), and $50 ATT Visa Reward card (can be availed through online purchase).
  5. Bundling Options – Using ATT Business Internet connection costs you $10 less if you bundle it with television.
  6. Data Allowances – ATT Business Internet comes with several data allowances which include monthly 1 TB of data. The company will charge $10 per added 50GB of data used. This range can be increased up to $100 depending on additional data utilization. Additionally, you can avail unlimited data by paying additional $30 every month. However, if you bundle both television and internet services from ATT Business Internet, there are no additional charges.


There is a great confusion about the technologies being used by ATT Business Internet being raised these days. Initially, it was known for providing its customers with DSL services whereas some news articles including those from the company itself claim offer Fiber internet services. Some other confusions and negativities include the following:

With ATT Business Internet, you get internet services over your telephone lines which are already set in your premises. Since data is being received pretty much faster than it is being sent, you may experience fluctuating internet speed and have trouble in certain things, such as video chatting. However, fiber internet connection is undoubtedly free from all these limitations and so you can enjoy the fastest service for almost every online activity.

Reason for Popularity

ATT Business Internet is known for providing its customers with highly affordable bandwidth speeds and great level of consumer satisfaction. It offers various internet services including DSL service which may have slower speed than fiber based internet but is better than cable internet. Ranging from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps, ATT Business Internet offers various plans depending on your locations. The company has significantly upped its bandwidth speeds in last couple of years.

Besides ensuring improved bandwidth speeds, ATT Business Internet has pretty much higher ranks in excellent customer services than other companies in similar genre. Moreover, the service is available at highly fair rates, making it the best option to choose for your internet needs. These features help the company provide additional bonuses, such as cost-effective bundling choices and a haughty 1 TB data allowance.


The ACSO Telecommunication Report reveals that ATT Business Internet falls only behind a fiber internet companies i.e. Verizon Fios. The service provider ranks at first position in customer satisfaction while it secures higher ranks than other major cable internet companies in its speeds and affordable rates. Accordingly, the company comes as the best choice for those who give extra importance to customer satisfaction as well as for those business persons who look for the ways to save money by using other services from ATT Business Internet, such as DIRECTV. On the contrary, this DSL internet service is not meant to entertain those who are always in need of higher speeds to enjoy online games.

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