Choosing Phone Conference Service for Your Business

Choosing Phone Conference Service for Your Business

Previously, the term of phone conference service was more about a highly customized personal communication service. Today, it is known as an affordable commodity that can even be used for free without a customer service. It is a bit difficult for a group of individuals to carry on a conversation over a customary telephone handset, and this is perhaps the best reason why the idea of phone conference was dreamt up.

Phone conference enables two or more people to interact with one another without having to be at the same location. This is in fact a wonderful and innovative tool that has quickly become indispensable in all types of organizations. The success of phone conferencing has also led to the emergence of phone conference service that not only offers the basic conferencing services but also comprises many new and advanced features.

Types of Phone Conference Service

At present time, there are many new service providers who are ready to offer better phone conference service at an affordable price. These services mainly classify into two main phone conferencing services i.e. reservation-less phone conferencing and operator-assisted phone conferencing.

Reservation-less Phone Conferencing – This is the most widely used phone conference service which has been proven to be very effective for daily users around the world. This service is completely computerized and can be used at all the time. With reservation-less phone conferencing, there is no requirement of making any prior reservation to arrange a phone conference. All you need to do is to inform all the participants invited for the conference about the toll-free number, date and time. Thanks to its added features, such as recording, playback, muting, and locking the facility of conference call, reservation-less phone conferencing is the most popular communication methods among the businesses around the world.

Operator-assisted Phone Conferencing – Commonly used by huge corporate houses, this service aims to facilitate large and complex business meetings or conferences. Modified invitations, welcoming callers, introducing the speaker, and recording the phone conference are important features of an operator-assisted phone conferencing service. Since it is operated-assisted service, the host works hard to ensure providing you with a flawless conference service. This phone conference service type needs one day prior the conference reservation to arrange all the necessities of a conference call, including invitation customization, assessing equipment, and other relevant tasks. While these types of conference call services are costlier than reservation-less phone conferencing, they leave no stone unturned in order to make a business conference successful.

Why Paid Model to Avail Phone Conference Service Is a Better Choice

With the emergence of free call conferencing service a decade before, customer service was disappeared while customers had to live with spotty service, call delaying & obstruction, full bridges, and no one was there to help. In view of that, it is better to reassess the paid phone conference service and find out why it is making a revival in the market.

Using a paid phone conferencing service gives you assurance of quality services. Unfortunately, quality of a service is underestimated in today’s modern world, and often only those products or services are considered quality ones that are tagged with high prices. Nonetheless, quality must be the most important criteria for shopping, whether you are purchasing a product or signing in for a service.

In modern day’s business world, no business can afford having their conference calls interrupted, dropped or gone out-of-the-way. This not only wastes time but also frustrate everyone including those most patient conference moderators who are considered the important part of the conferencing session. These are basic problems that occur with most of free conference calls which ultimately means that you are unable to receive any benefit of using phone conference option.

Free call conference services repeatedly change your dial-in numbers and pin codes. With huge traffic, their network bridges get overloaded, and so they have to shift some traffic from one bridge to another bridge. This badly interrupts a conference call, giving a negative impact of its effectiveness. Additionally, if the free service provider is blocked by any cell phone networks or carrier, it may disable your conferees to get into their calls. In order to fix the problem, you need to change your dial-in numbers and pin codes which often becomes really hectic for busy businesses and cause frustrating delays in connecting.

With a paid model, you can avail both operator-assisted and reservation-less phone conferencing services. If it’s reservation-less, you should get a toll-free number along with a conference bridge network that can handle all sizes of phone conferences. Paid phone conference service is always accompanied by easy-to-access customer services so you can reach the operator if you experience any problem with a call. They are experienced professionals who are trained to fix all types of technical problems related to conference call as well as help customers with other relevant glitches.

Paid services provide you with operator assistance. They not only have the capability to identify faulty lines and fix them but also assist you to dial out to conferees and add them to the meeting. Knowing that an operator is always there to help you with your conference call is certainly helps you have a great peace of mind for your important business communication.

The Bottom line

Time is a valuable asset for you, as a businessman. The ease of connectivity is made possible by going beyond space limitation and time. This idea has also drastically boosted the popularity of paid phone conference services these days. No business or non-profit organization can afford wasting time on faulty free phone conference options. Even moderators do not want to feel embarrassed when their phone conference calls work poorly or do not work at all. For that reason, it is strongly recommended not to rely on free phone conference options and move to a quality-wise excellent service for a few dollars. Make sure to choose the best phone conference service in order to keep going in this era where immaculate connectivity also contributes to your business success.

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