How To Ensure More Interaction In Classrooms

How To Ensure More Interaction In Classrooms

It is common knowledge to students and teachers across the globe that classrooms can be boring and monotonous. Teachers are always trying to make learning more interesting and interactive because if students interact and participate more in classroom lessons, it is bound to make things less dull.

There are lots of ways to make lessons more interactive and less boring. Here are some tips for you to make classrooms more interesting for students and avoid putting them to sleep.

Make Students the Teachers

Classes can become really boring when students have to listen to one person in charge for hours together. Ask different students to prepare on the topic you will teach in the next class and ask them to teach it to the entire class. This will lead to students paying more attention to their friends because it’s fun and also increase student’s interest  in learning about new topics.

Play Games and Quizzes

Teaching is mostly a one way communication which is what makes it so boring sometimes, because there is nothing that the students are involved with. So use games and quizzes to make students participate. You can make teams of different groups of students and make them compete with each other for correct answers to questions related to lessons you teach each day.

Using Technology

Technology is an extremely popular choice in schools to make classrooms more fun, interactive and knowledgeable. There are several gadgets that are being installed and used by many schools to make learning more interactive and fun for their students. Gadgets like tablets, interactive projector systems, smartboards, smart tables, digital textbooks etc. are some of the advanced technology interactive systems which are used in schools.

Interactive projectors are no longer just used to project notes and multimedia, they can and are doing much more. Smartboards are a much advanced version of whiteboards. They allow students and teachers to write on them with digital markers, turning them into visual representations. It becomes easier and more descriptive to explain a concept to students using smartboards. Similarly, smart tables allow students to touch and work on them.

Real Life Examples

Lessons and concepts make less sense if students cannot relate them to their real life experiences and instances. Try and explain things to students using as many real life instances as you can. Relate things to something that the students experience on a daily basis so that they have something to compare it to and grasp concepts more easily. It’ll be even better if you can ask students, themselves to come up with examples related to the lessons they are taking and share their idea or experience with the rest of the class.

Change The Subject

Give students a chance to talk and interact about something else other than your subject. At the end or the beginning of the lesson, just to refresh and rejuvenate students, give them a chance to talk about their hobbies, activities, interests or any other topic that interests them so that they do not feel burdened and bored with too much information.


Education is extremely important for all children and is the ultimate goal for all parents and teachers. All teachers and parents are concerned about whether their children and students are able to grasp the concepts and lessons being taught at school. This concern makes it extremely important for teachers to ensure that the students interact and participate in classrooms. There is no fixed formula which can ensure higher interaction and participation in classrooms, so teachers have to keep evolving and try different approaches to education.


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