How To Improve Your Business SEO For Holidays

How To Improve Your Business SEO For Holidays

A large part of search engine optimization is being thorough and diligent. In order to maximize your results, to get the most bang for your buck, you need to cover all your bases, dot your i’s, cross your t’s, etc. For this reason, you mustn’t forget about the holidays. Most people neglect to change their SEO around from time to time, but this is a simple and efficient way to become as effective as possible. Below are some tips you can use to really bring your SEO to the next level.

Take stock of your current situation

Before you actually begin changing things up, see how well your SEO is doing right now. Is everything covered? Are you getting the response you want already, is everything set up properly? Access your analytics, and check what gives you the most views, which pages have people stay on them the most. See which of your keywords are the most effective and useful.

Know that if you do not do this, any change for the holidays will do more harm than good. You will lose time, energy, and resources trying to force holiday keywords into a system that is not in the best condition it could realistically be.

Change up your keywords

You should already have a list of keywords that you use for your website. However, they need to be changed up a bit for the holiday. Either check with Google trends reports or think about them yourself. Try to follow all the rules of what a proper keyword should be, but put a holiday spin on it. Things like mentioning black Friday sales, best black Friday prices, Christmas discounts, New Year deals…

Don’t do it at the last minute

Fight the urge to procrastinate. Once you thought up of your keywords, don’t just let them stay there, actually use them as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less impact you will have. Know that Google needs to scan and register your changes, as well as it takes time for people to actually notice them.

We strongly advise you start at least a month before the holidays are there. You will have much more success. Know, of course, the issue here is treading the fine line between actually utilizing the keywords properly, and not letting your old ones go to waste. You want your keywords to be effective for both the holidays and regular business dealings. Try to avoid keyword stuffing, and always keep track of your analytics.

Think about the links you use

As you probably know, links increase your credibility, the trustworthiness of your site, as well as gets more people to visit and see what you have to offer. These also need to be modified when you want to focus on SEO for the holidays.

Namely, you want specific, links that build up to the holidays. It’s best you focus on your landing page, in order to showcase promotions, deals, sales…  A good option would be to link to specific holiday deals, or perhaps blogs and websites that deal with this sort of thing. Getting a good influencer to back you up is always a good idea.

Mobile is important

Most people browse the internet almost exclusively with their phones. In fact, they also shop via mobile as well. This is why you should get your website optimized for mobile browsing as soon as possible. This should be delegated to one of your people as soon as possible. Or, you can always hire a company that can do this for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re set up in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, or Malaysia, people like to use their phones to shop. If you want to get web design Sidney people appreciate you should probably hire a local company that knows what is suitable.

Furthermore, it actually influences your SEO ratings. A website will most likely not end up first on somebody’s mobile search if it’s not optimized properly.

Re-optimize your load times

If you want to get loyal, repeat customers, you want to minimize your load times. People have short attention spans these days, and they will definitely not stay long enough and wait for a page to load. This is important because you may want to (and should) spruce up your site a bit for the holidays. Maybe add new pictures, new backgrounds, a different theme. However, know that if the images are too big, they may slow you down significantly. Try not to add to much stuff on your website, try not to treat it as a Christmas tree covered with a ton of knick-knacks. Instead, be subtle, and don’t overdo it.

Build anticipation

Even before you begin optimizing for the holidays, you should post some sneak peeks and exciting sales. So you may still be setting everything else up, but a good “Coming soon” or “The holidays are here” pages will get people excited, This can boost traffic for a bit, especially the traffic you get from your regular customers.

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be that complicated. And yet, it is the most effective tool in your online marketing arsenal. Focusing it on the holidays will certainly give your results, and will help you stand above your competition. Change things up a little, be thorough, and you will be as right as rain.

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