How to Make Content Marketing Work for You

Content marketing

In this day and age, you might not be surprised to learn that most people receive their information from their mobile devices. This means that more and more people are turning to the internet to learn about answers that our grandparents had to search an encyclopedia for. This means that the role content has to play has become huge and important, so content these days do not only have to be entertaining but also educational, informative and engaging.

That can be a tall order to follow but over the years, companies have become aware of the power of the internet and have been using content marketing to attract audiences, whether content marketing in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and anywhere else in the country. The secret of content marketing is for the content to promote a brand without overtly doing so. It is a subtle nudge to the reader to entice them in a certain service or product by sharing such content such as blogs, videos and social media posts online.   

If you want to post or share new and additional content to your website, dedicate certain days each week or every month so your customer base knows and understands your schedule. This will help create a routine not only for yourself but also for those interested in your content. Sticking to a schedule will lend itself nicely to online crawlers from search engines such as Google who reward websites that keep a schedule with a higher ranking. An audience that is engaged will mean better feedback as to what they want from your website and what interests them. A loyal fan base will forgive a day of no content shared but that does not mean you have to be missing in action. Inform them earlier in the day via posts on social media that there will be no content and divert them to other fun posts that they might have missed.

Which brings us to knowing your audience like the back of your hand. Okay maybe not as detailed but with technology able to better predict the behaviour of consumers, it is easy to understand the kind of audiences that will visit your website. Each page can be monitored using programs such as Google Analytics and other analytics programs to check how many people click on what, how long the read the content and where they lingered for long. These numbers are helpful in getting to know who your people are and what keeps them coming back to your website each week and help you build on your advantage. When you know what makes your audience happy, it will be more than easy to create content that will keep them interested while improving your other website offerings. You can experiment with your content, introducing “how-to” and “did you know” articles which can be both educational and fun for your audience. You can use this kind of content to see how people respond to them which will help you understand who your people are.

And this brings us to our next point which is gradually introducing a mix of content to your website. This means using a variety of ways to share content with your audience, and it does not only have to be text but can be shared through images and videos as well. These mediums are popular as they are easy for people to digest especially for a video. A message can be scaled down from 1000 words of reading for your audience into a video clip that is less than five minutes long. We know that people do not like reading so making it easier for them is recommended over too much text which can seem cluttered and will tire just about anyone from just looking at it. A diverse array of videos will ensure that more people will be reached and introduced to your brand. So, every second count.

Although numbers are important and will help to lead you down the path of success, prioritizing them over your audience is a big no-no. Being the rock for your audience is what matters the most, and that means being the help they are looking for. Whether it be questions they think about but are too ashamed of asking and taboo subjects that are not offensive but educational and rarely spoken about. This will make your audience confident in sharing your content because you have educated them, and they now want to share that knowledge with others. And when they are confident about your content, it means they have begun trusting what you have to offer and understand that you value them as more than just clicks. Such content can range from what year the internet came into being to which country has the most mobile devices, easy to digest content that makes one think.

But when you are creating quality content for your readers, do not neglect the search engine optimization of your website. Keywords that will be picked up by the various search engines when a user is searching for content around what you offer is important but that does not mean packing and stuffing your article with keywords that it becomes difficult to read. Keywords should be used sparingly so search engines do not penalize your content and website. Your goal is for people to read and share your content to make it easy to find and even easier to read. Stuffing keywords in your content will make it obvious to your reader that you are trying to push a promotional agenda and that rarely goes down well. You don’t want to flush your hard work down the toilet like that.  Keywords work well when they fit seamlessly into the text and your readers barely notice any of it.

There are plenty of agencies that have experience when it comes to content marketing including Livelong Digital Marketing that will able to ensure your website is primed to be successful by maximizing its potential. Although the results may not come overnight, you need to take steps towards your goal of getting more traffic and the results will come in time.

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