Top Signs You Need to Switch your Virtual Number Provider

Top Signs You Need to Switch your Virtual Number Provider

In today’s competitive global economy, virtual phone numbers have become vital for businesses of all sizes. They have turned out to be a very convenient way of establishing a local presence with your international customer base and they also enable you to remain constantly mobile and nimble in a world of constant change. The purpose of virtual numbers is to make businesses easier, not more complicated. But, sometimes, businesses are not pleased with their virtual number providers. In that case, you don’t have to settle and can make a change.

Some providers lure business with a free virtual phone number, but if the exhibit any of the following signs, it is time to make a switch:

They nickel and dime for features

When you avail a service, there are some minimal must-haves that you expect to receive and this is also applicable in the case of virtual number providers. If your provider is forcing you pay extra for simple features such as on-demand call routing, call waiting and forwarding and call reports, it is time to switch to a provider that offers these features as part of their standard plan.

You cannot understand your contract

When it comes to telephone services, consumers are moving away from long-term contracts because you don’t want to be locked in to rates and don’t wish to pay extra for terminating their services. If your virtual number provider is forcing you to sign up for a long-term contract, it is best to avoid doing so or you will regret it. Look for a virtual number provider who can offer you a business phone number that doesn’t charge you any setup fees, termination charges and doesn’t lock you into long-term contracts.

The service is not up to par

Yes, there is still good customer service out there, but some virtual number providers are unable to live up to these standards. As virtual numbers don’t sleep, the same should be applicable to be customer service. When you are running a global business, it is possible that you will have concerns and questions and these need to be addressed efficiently. If you cannot reach your provider’s customer service when you need them, look for a provider that offers you helpful and reliable assistance when you need.

You need to purchase extra equipment

Telephone hardware is extremely expensive and you switch to virtual phone numbers, not just for their convenience, but also for their low costs. If your virtual number provider is asking you to purchase hardware for connecting with global customers, it is time to switch. Internet telephony is about simplicity and convenience and virtual numbers should be able to ring any phone you select without having to use any costly equipment. Switch companies if your provider is asking you to spend more on advanced telephony equipment.

Other than these signs, if there is a decline in quality as well, you need to start looking for a new virtual number provider for your business to continue reaping the benefits.

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