5 Creative Badge Types for Branding and Logos

5 Creative Badge Types for Branding and Logos

Over the past few years, the classic pin badge has made a comeback. The adage “everything old is new again” certainly rings true when it comes to these tiny collectables. People everywhere are pinning their favourite badges to caps, backpacks, and jackets as a fashion statement.

This is a great moment for creative brands, who can tap into this trend to showcase their designs, build a fanbase and develop a new revenue channel. Today’s badges come in an almost limitless range of styles, shapes and designs. In this post, we look at some of the most popular and creative badges for promoting branding and logos.

The Classic Enamel Badge

Are you just getting started with branded badges? Or maybe you intend to provide your pins as giveaways or small gifts? No matter how you plan to use your badges, soft enamel badges are an ideal option for nearly any campaign.

These beloved classic badges are not only cost-effective, but they’re also incredibly popular! Everyone from musicians and makers to retailers and corporates have found creative ways to include soft enamel pins in their marketing campaigns. Take for example, this enamel pin badge set from BrewDog, which features two different versions of the company’s logo.

Despite the name, soft enamel badges aren’t actually soft. These badges are made using raised metal lines and recessed enamel, which gives them a ‘bumpy’ feel, which makes the badge interesting to touch, as well as look at in the finished product. Soft enamel badges are still hard to the touch and lend a polished look to any brand campaign.

The Playful Rubber Badge

Looking to add a playful twist to your badge? Try using a rubberised soft PVC badge!

Bright and tactile, these badges are a wonderful option for bringing to life logos, mascots or cartoon characters and are perfect for featuring on clothing and backpacks.

These badges can be made in any shape, size or colour and offer a unique multi-level depth that gives the badge a creative 3D look.

The Stand-Out 3D Die Cast Badge

Take your badge to a new dimension with 3D Die Cast badges! These inventive badges lend a compelling visual impact to any logo or design. Made from zinc alloy, the badges feature a highly polished finish, which adds a noticeable, silky touch. Take for example, these creative golden snitch pin badges, which recipients will find highly covetable.

The Distinguished Sandblasted Badge

Have you heard of sandblasted badges? Maybe not, but chances are you’ve seen them. These distinctive badges offer stunning textured effects that make them truly unique. To top it off, they can be plated in polished gilt or nickel for added elegance.

If you’re looking to design a gift or lifelong keepsake, opting for a sandblasted badge is the perfect choice. These badges are also a popular choice among retailers because they have very high perceived value. For example, Platform 9 ¾ also offers these stunning brass pin badges, featuring the house crests from Harry Potter.

The Popular Button Badge

Last, but not least is the iconic button badge. These popular badges are a low-cost and incredibly effective way to get your brand noticed. These badges tend to be a favourite among musicians, politicians and sports teams – and it’s no surprise why. Button badges help raise your brand’s visibility because they get worn – and noticed! A lot of people today even collect them and proudly display their collections.

Button badges can be made in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and colours, offering maximum flexibility for your campaign. If you opt for a button badge, consider going for a unique design or size to help your badge stand out. For example, you might create a series of mini button badges, like these Agatha Christie inspired pins on Etsy. Or maybe you decide to design an eye-catching custom backing card to help draw attention to your button badges, like this example from the Crest of London.

Now that you have a better sense of the types of badges available for promoting your brand and logo, it’s time to get to work! Once you decide which badge type best suits your campaign, you’ll need to partner with a badge manufacturer to finalise your design and produce the final badges. Asking the right questions can help put on the right path to finding a reliable, reputable and quality manufacturing partner. Good luck!

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