5 Excellent Books Every Young Investor Must Read

5 Excellent Books Every Young Investor Must Read

Young adults and professionals these days are starting to invest early. But while it is imperative to invest early, it is equally important to invest wisely. One of the main reasons youngsters are looking forward to early investment is to obtain the power of compound interest. Investing at an early stage in life could translate tens of thousands of additional funds till your retirement. Long-term investments can furthermore allow the assets to generate more returns.

Read up to find out how these classic investment books can provide finance insights for young investors. These books will help you find strategies for putting your money to work.

Oblivious Investing: Building Wealth by Ignoring the Noise, by Mike Piper

Oblivious Investing is not a book by a famous investor but is one of the best books on investing for beginners. The book is about the ins and outs of the indexing strategy in a relatable fashion. Piper’s book focuses on the few things that determine the long-term investing success rather than short-term financial news. Oblivious Investing is an easy read that will give you the confidence to get started and show you how to attain better results from your investments.

One Up On Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market, by Peter Lynch

One Up on Wall Street is a book made for the layperson. Lynch believes that investment opportunities are everywhere and it is possible to invest without the help of the investors. The book explains how by being simply aware of the industries that affect you, you can easily succeed at investing. Lynch provides you with tips for a succesful long term investment plan, and for average investors to reach financial triumph. This book quickly became a best-seller after its release in 1989.

The Four Pillars of Investing: Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio, by William Bernstein

Once you have started making your investing strategy, you can read about the principles of making money in the industry with Berstein’s “The Four Pillars of Investing”. Dr. William is a neurologist, a savvy investor and insightful financial thinker. His book makes you familiar about concepts as market history, risk, reward, and the psychology of the market. It’s one of the best investing books that explains the solid working theory of the market. Bernstein in his book combines the four pillars – the History, Theory, Psychology, and Business of investing – to create a well-rounded, thorough initial education for young investors.

Bond Investing For Dummies by Russell Wild

A book list is always incomplete without a text from the For Dummies Series? Bond Investing For Dummies breaks apart each and every aspect of bonds into an easy-to-understand reference with a clear explanation of everything you need to know to build a bond portfolio. Will’s book is your friendly guide to trading the bond which clearly explains the pros and cons of investing in bonds. In this book, you will read about the different bond varieties and all of the tax and payout of bonds in every situation possible. You will even get a lot of tips on how to work with your broker on bonds.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing, by Burton Malkiel

Malkiel’s book, which has been updated nearly a dozen of times, suggests the way the market moves is very random. It introduces beginners to concepts of portfolio-building. The book includes some easy-to-read definitions of the technical investment terms and includes information on how to choose stocks. Furthermore, the updated version has chapters on investing using emerging-market securities. The book offers investing advice to a slightly more advanced beginner who’s ready to explore new challenges in the market.

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