5 Ways to Get the Best Deals on Office Supplies

5 Ways to Get the Best Deals on Office Supplies

If you work in an office setting, then you’re likely going to need all kinds of supplies to keep the place running. You’ll need paper, printer ink, writing implements, staplers, scissors, letter openers, and all manner of other things. If you have a limited budget, though, you’re going to have to be on the lookout for deals, and you’ll need to figure out some ways to get the best prices on everything that you need. Here are five ways to get yourself some office supplies at discounted rates.

Get Discontinued Items

Sometimes an item won’t sell as well as others in that line, like a pen that has a shade of ink that didn’t turn out to be as popular as the manufacturer had anticipated. You can enjoy a discounted rate and grab the last of that particular model since they will likely be significantly marked down. As long as the product fills some need that you have, the fact that it has been discontinued should not be a deterrent for you.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is another way that office supply companies will lower the price for you. If you’re buying boxes of pens two or three at a time, it’s not the most prudent system. If you’re buying them by the gross, however, you’re likely to be offered a much better deal. If you contact the office supply company directly and tell them that you need a massive order, with many different products, you might be able to talk them down a little, especially if you tell them that you’ll throw some repeat business their way.

Get a Friend Discount

Related to this, you can attempt to form a friendship, or at least a cordial relationship, with the manager of the office supply company or whoever else is in charge of the decision making. If they know you, and they know that you will continue to come back for more large orders, they will probably be amenable to knocking off a certain amount of money from each shipment.

Buy Around the Holidays

Office supply stores often have significant sales around the holidays, and you should keep your eyes open at those times of year to see if you can get some deals. Be ready with some money allocated for the purpose at those times, and only buy at other times of the year if you’re out of something and you truly need to replace it.

Take Advantage of Store Closings

If you’re buying office supplies from a brick-and-mortar location rather than from an online retailer, and you know that a store is closing, you can jump on the deals that are being offered. It is probable that the store is going to be liquidating its inventory, and you should be able to get some necessities at a good price.

Office supplies are always in demand, and anyway that you can save some money on them is welcome. Try to plan ahead and be ready to take advantage of any opportunities to get some discounted merchandise when they present themselves. You can then use that money you saved for advertising in some other area of your business.

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