7 Best Kept Secrets in Building Your Health and Wellness Brand

7 Best Kept Secrets in Building Your Health and Wellness Brand

Health and wellness brands are all the range as the market becomes more saturated with products to allure people into leading healthy and clean lifestyles. Discerning consumers seeking to find only the best products for consumption scour the web for reputable brands that will help them reach this goal. The competition is stiff which means health and wellness brands must strive even harder to get noticed and build a loyal following. Here are seven proven tips that you can employ to develop and sustain your brand.

1. Figure out why

Knowing the “why” to your proposed business venture must be the first thing you consider with deep thought. Are you looking for a side hustle that pays handsomely? Do you want to occupy your free time? Perhaps you are re-thinking your career path and want to dip your toes into the world of health and wellness? Consult your inner self and create a wonderful story that will hold even in the storm. Private Label PurityFoodCorp is a shining example of trusted brands that have prevailed for years.

2. Honest principles

Standing out in an ever-growing crowd of health and wellness brands is not an easy task, but it is possible with sheer honesty. Instead of focusing on marketing gimmicks to get customers opening their wallets, companies or individual entrepreneurs need to share compelling stories that resonate with their brand. People should create, share, and connect with the principles upon which the brand is built. This level of honesty comes through conversations with clients, social media posts, and online content. On the flip side, people who are dishonest with their messaging and subsequently the products only manage to shake things up for a couple of months. Soon enough, the discerning customers see right through them, and negative press will follow.

3. Do things differently

Standing out from a crowd means pushing the envelope a little further and standing your ground no matter the outcomes. The internet is awash with blogs upon blogs sharing very similar content, and readers are quick to notice this. Subsequently, they develop fatigue. What fresh information does your health and wellness brand offer? What is the added value from other products out there? If you cannot address these questions adequately, then your business is in trouble before you even launch it. Take your time to differentiate yourself from industry brethren including quacks who will do anything for a dollar. Being different – in a sensible way – draws an audience that is perfectly aligned to your brand.

4. Understand the internet

Businesses have come to appreciate the numerous benefits of the World Wide Web in creating brand visibility and reaching millions of customers in real time. What’s more, companies can reach clients overseas without having to pay for advertisements in local dailies and mainstream media. Therefore, it is imperative for budding entrepreneurs to buckle down and learn the business of the web. What is social media? Industry terms like brand influencers are roped into conversations over coffee but what are they? Being armed with current and accurate information makes the person adept at harnessing the power of social media and the vast internet sphere.

5. Use video clips

While people thoroughly enjoy reading tweets about new products in the market and subscribing to email newsletters to skim over, nothing beats a video clip. Recent statistics find that streaming video content makes up two-thirds of all internet traffic which is phenomenal. Four hundred hours of video clips are uploaded per minute on YouTube thus making it the unprecedented king of creating and sharing video content. What’s more, it is free to open an account! Harness the power of video messaging using this platform and share informative video clips about your wellness brand through your social media accounts. Take your audience through steps in using your product, preparing recipes, and share success stories and testimonials.

6. Passion

It is hard to break anyone’s spirit when they are driven by desire and as Oprah Winfrey says “passion is energy.” As with any business venture, creating a health and wellness brand from the ground up is no mean feat. There will be plenty of unforeseen bumps on the road such as cost overruns, a declining audience, copycats, etc.

Navigating through all this like a champion calls for a great deal of passion helping you power through the difficult times. People will respond to your enthusiasm and ingenuity, and this will reflect in the kind of sales volumes you are pushing. More so, passion is vital in developing brands that will receive great acclaim locally and internationally, and help sustain people’s interests for a long time to come.

7. Micro-influencers

We mentioned the industry term ‘influencers’ previously in this article so let’s revisit it. Influencers are essentially self-made celebrities in any field who can sway audiences to embrace a brand. Great examples of these influencers include golfing great Tiger Woods, musicians like Rihanna, and actors like George Clooney. These are A-list celebrities who are usually hired to represent brands as ambassadors, and they command millions of dollars. Micro-influencers – on the other hand – have a modest following of between10, 000 and 500,000 followers on social media and are usually self-made, and not A-listers. They painstakingly build the audience that brands are seeking to engage and have established a high-level trust with this audience. A recent study surmised that 40% of Twitter users had purchased an item following a tweet by an influencer.

In sum, building a health and wellness brand may involve some backbreaking work, but the rewards are great. Concerning the argument about honesty, 59% of consumers say that a brand’s authenticity leads them to follow them on social media. Dishonesty even in the littlest sense waters down your efforts. Therefore, it makes sense to keep everything above board. Jump on the bandwagon with conviction and don’t fret over little things that go awry as this is a normal part of the success journey.

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