A Detailed Review of Swedish Snus 

A Detailed Review of Swedish Snus 

The Swedish snus is an alternative use of tobacco that is said to be safer than smoking. This is a moist product of dry snuff that was initially introduced to France in the 16th century by the French diplomat Jean Nicot. Snus was however banned in all European Union, except Sweden and Denmark. It is said to contain a very high level of nicotine that is very addictive, almost three times the amount of a regular cigarette.

How Snus is Produced

The Swedish snus is produced differently from the American snus, which contains a high amount of sweeteners. It is not fermented, does not require spitting and is steam pasteurized. Its chemical constituents vary although there are those that are made of salt, nicotine and sodium carbonate. Though there is a false belief that smokeless tobacco such as snus contain fiberglass to help them get absorbed in the body’s blood, research shows that it absorbs on its own. The mucous membranes readily absorb this free nicotine which causes the burning sensation plus other food additives.

Different Variations of Snus

Snus comes in various forms such as loose or small bags as well as different levels of nicotine and flavours. Some of the most popular brands is General, Grov and Epok, which are among the top ten products which makes it possible for users to have a variety to choose from. If you are thinking of giving it a go, SnusDirect.com is providing fast deliveries to a large number of countries. New products are also being introduced in the market daily. For instance, there is a snus substitute that is said to be tobacco-free. It is made from coconut and oak husks or tea leaves with salt and flavourings.

Effects of Using Snus

The different chemical constituent also come with a variety of disease risks. Although studies from British Medical Journal and even the Lancet do not confirm any direct link of the use of snus to oral cancer, a study in the International Journal of Cancer on 2008 showed a significant increase in oral and pharyngeal cancer among snus users.

This has made snus to be a primary focus by anti-doping agencies although the popularity of its use is said to have increased among athletes. Ashley Cole was spotted using snus before his work out session as published in an article by the mirror. Jamie Vardy of Leicester City confirmed that many footballers in major leagues use this controversial brand to help keep them calm and focused, including himself.


The Swedish snus is still popular although most countries have banned it. Manufacturers are creating more products, and the variations and flavours of snus are being enhanced which gives users no reason to slow down.



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