A List of Must-Do Things when Touring Abruzzo


Abruzzo is a region of Italy that is a popular destination with holidaymakers staying in holiday rentals. There are some superb holiday villas with swimming pools and self-catering holiday apartments to rent as holiday homes in Abruzzo Italy. It offers exhilarating outdoor sports and it has many great shopping centres, water sports, historical and cultural landmarks. It is a perfect holiday destination if you are passionate about water sports such as kayaking, snorkelling, canoeing and underwater diving.

Tourists can enjoy their Abruzzo holiday to the fullest by checking the underwater marine wildlife and plants while underwater diving. Kayaking, canoeing and snorkelling are the perfect means available to satisfy the craving of extreme water sport. They are also offered the water rides in which they can thrill themselves by going into speedboats. Besides water sports, tourists can enjoy adventurous sports such as mountain climbing.

A holiday in Abruzzo Italy is incomplete if you miss sightseeing tours that are offered by the local tourist guides. In order to enjoy outdoor land sports, tourists can head over to the popular outdoor sports destinations such as Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo.

Must-Visit Things List when touring Abruzzo

Discover and Explore Medieval Towns

Abruzzo is home to Italy’s most beautiful ancient hill towns rivalling towns and regions in Italy. Abruzzo has won 19 “Borghi Piu Belli d’Italia” awards (The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy) making Abruzzo own the second most number of these awards in Italy after Umbria which has 22 awards for the most beautiful village.

Go Skiing and then to the beach

Skiing in Abruzzo is one of the best destinations for skiers. Abruzzo has 368 km of runs in 172 different ski tracks and because of their proximity to the Adriatic Sea and winter precipitation patterns, they often have more snow than the Alps.

Go Shopping

Pescara is the best place for shopping in Abruzzo and has several outlet stores where you could purchase brands and heavily discounted rates. Notably, one of the largest shopping outlet villages is called Citta Santangelo Shopping Outlet Village where over 60 brands are available including CK Jeans, CK underwear Guess, Murphy & Nye, Kenwood, De Longhi, and VFG (Valentino, Marlboro Classic, M Missoni) to name just a few.


Abruzzo is known for it’s superior red Montepulciano D’Abruzzo and white Trebbiano wines. Look out for the DOC symbol (Di Origine Controllato) which represents that they have been quality controlled wines.

Roca San Giovanni

Roca San Giovanni is a small village surrounded by ancient fort wall of Rome. The church of Roca San Giovanni is the main tourist attraction.


Lanciano is only a few kilometres away from the sea. It is famous for its nightlife and is the commercial hub of Abruzzo. The architecture of this city is pretty fascinating. It is commonly known as a religious city of Abruzzo.


Atessa is one of the old towns of Abruzzo. It is situated on the peak of two hills. The name of this town is based on a legendary story which involves a saint. In ancient times there were two villages named Ate and Tixe which were separated by a canyon. A dragon-haunted these two villages and later he was killed by Saint Leucio.


Abruzzo is famous for its peasant dishes. Lamb’s milk and its meat are very popular in this region. You will find that fish is the main ingredient in many cuisines of Abruzzo.

As the land is covered with national parks and parklands, you will find that this town attracts many adventure lovers. Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo is popular for biking trails and hiking.


Pacentro is lying in the heart of Italy. It is a beautiful village located on the hilltop of Abruzzo. The family of pop singer Madonna hails from Abruzzo.

Abruzzo should be on your top priority in your travel list as it is a beautiful place where you can feel the ancient Rome in the tours of Italy. Inside the country, you can find medieval and antique towns rich in art and traditions like Atri, Campli, Civitella del Tronto. Abruzzo offers for its visitors a big variety of views, travel, culture and sports interests and all this is accompanied with great hospitality of people. To live better the experience of your trip to Abruzzo Italy we advise you to stay in the farmhouse La Meridiana, the Tours of Italy are very charmful for the tourists worldwide.

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