Business Website Design Fundamentals

Business Website Design Fundamentals

Business today means you’ll have to build a name for your organization on the internet.  Building your brand online means you’ll need a great business website. If your website design isn’t up to par, your business could miss out on valuable connections.  

Invest time in research, and learn how to build an effective business website.  Start now, and read through this brief overview of some of the most fundamental aspects of a stellar business website.  

Navigation is crucial

Adding the option to explore to your website design is definitely a foundational aspect of your layout.  Stationary navigation is most commonly used for business website design. Traditionally, it’s safer to keep your navigation options simple.  Check out the simplicity of this photographer’s business website design.  

You can add a bit of creativity to the function and design of your navigation bar, but remember to keep it easy to use.  Web users don’t want to have to “figure out” how to use your website. If visitors find it too complicated to explore your site, they’ll just move onto the next search result.  

Design for communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a well-run business.  You have to have great internal communication and great external communication standards.  Your business website is a hub for communication, but you have to design for such behaviors.

In addition to the standard “Contact Us” section, add other attempts to gather information from passing users.  Add a contact number to your homepage, a comment box to your blog posts, and a simplified contact form to your “About Us” page to boost communication efforts.  

Use social media sharing icons

Social media is a hub for communication online, and millions of people per day frequent the infinite pages of posts.  Your business has a lot to gain from becoming a part of the daily hustle and bustle on social media.

Add social media sharing icons in strategically chosen spots throughout your business website design.  Your blog is one of the best places to include social media sharing icons, as people love to share new information they discover with friends and family.

Optimize for mobile access

Mobile access to the internet is the most dominant form of access in today’s modern society.  Your organization’s digital content should always be built to display and function with ease on the smaller screen of a mobile device.  

Learn the ins and outs of SEO

Search engine optimization techniques are the heart of success online.  If you can get your digital content to place on the first page of the SERPs (search engine results pages), you’ll have a much better shot at being seen by the right people online.  

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