Emerging Digital Trends Transforming the Automotive Industry

Emerging Digital Trends Transforming the Automotive Industry

Artificial Intelligence, digitization and increasing automation have revolutionized various industries to a whole new level, and automotive will be no exception. These developments are all set to shape the future of the automotive industry with some of the greatest transformations ever. This transformation is the result of a digitally-enabled merging of social media, industry and technological forces acting in the transportation arena. Technology-driven trends have invariably been revolutionizing the way automakers, suppliers and the industry players respond to the changing dynamics of customer behaviour, and collaborate at multiple levels to function properly.

Here are the top emerging digital trends, which are reshaping the automotive industry:

Intelligent Supply Chain and Improved Manufacturing

As seen in other industries, digital transformation trends are being used to customize consumer’s experience and needs. Automotive industry does this by digitizing an intelligent supply chain. This drives prices down, effectively engages the consumer, and uses the information to serve consumers better. The automotive industry has recently moved away from the national production and to an approach for both production and the supply chain. Additionally, to lower prices, this has also allowed for transparency within the chain, improved manufacturing and delivery. Communication made possible by Social Media provides instant feedback that “talks” to a smart factory. These smart factories increase productivity and decrease the chances of error.

Despite obvious financial crunch in constructing these smart factories, the large improvements to production and performance will likely overcome this hurdle.

Data Protection

The automotive industry is the most data-driven industry in the world, solely to utilities.

Intelligent machines collect data about the drivers, destinations and traffic patterns. The consumer benefits from data security as the companies work to establish client loyalty. Various companies use connected computer systems that use existing data to interact with the drivers. However, they must be alert and secure to safeguard their consumer data. Manufacturers, therefore, perceive the utmost importance of consumer data protection. This is why they are in constant technological advancements because the industry continues its digital revolution.

Corrective Maintenance

Stress no more! There is no more rocket science involved in car maintenance. Since the machines itself allow an understanding of when they want maintenance or replacement. Advanced self-diagnostic systems allow the drivers to be instantly alerted any time there’s a problem. Further allowing the automotive industry to proactively service their vehicles. This reduces mechanical failures. This predictive capability isn’t simply restricted to cars and private vehicles. The truck industry is also experiencing a similar technological change wherein they use sensor technologies and IoT (Internet of Things). As far as the service of a vehicle goes, that, too, has become digitized. It requires mechanical attention, repair and also a tech-savvy technician to update the software. This dynamic pairing of mechanics and technology means better vehicular performance for an extended period. With the rapid integration of technology, gauges and knobs will soon be replaced with a digital interface that enables for over-the-air updates. Now, owners will not have to worry about their routine car maintenance.


The size of the industry is so sheer, we can rightly say that it has the power to influence the future. With technological developments and emerging trends, the automotive industry is shifting its focus. They are now focusing on manufacturing products with an increased level of automation and enhanced services. These innovations will help the industry to enhance the user experience and improve the quality of the products. According to a survey, by 2020, growing digitalization and advancements in technology will largely affect the automotive industry’s investments. These are a few trends currently transforming the automotive industry.

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