How Technology Has Had a Positive Impact on Social Media

How Technology Has Had a Positive Impact on Social Media

Before we became aware of the impact social media had on our everyday lives, we were completely oblivious to technology in a social sense. Social media most certainly brought awareness to the current progression of tech and somehow the two have walked hand in hand ever since. So, even though we know technology has affected social media and vice versa, we have to wonder how this happened? Let’s take a look at what the details are in terms of how technology had a positive impact on social media and our everyday lives.

Sharing Media with Friends and Family

Every negative has a positive, yet one thing remains a constant, the positive will always outweigh the negative. Social media adopted this motto and ever since, technology has further enhanced it. Through the evolution of tech, social media has greatly benefited. Users are able to share media, find information about others and get work opportunities through social media. The greatest thing about this? Every two weeks social media apps are cleaned up to enhanced your experience. So if there are any bugs, you can thank your lucky stars that updates are underway. Apart from this, social media and tech helps loved ones stay connected via status updates, sharing of memories and geo check-ins.

Social Gaming

Online gaming has always been a thing, even more so now that technology has given gaming developers the tools to create games that are insanely interactive, with high definition graphics and incentives for players such as real cash or crypto currencies. Take for example. Here players can sign up in a quick one-step process and immediately start playing to win money with welcome bonuses and promotional offers. This earns social media players the opportunity to win on the move and to share this information with their friends.

International Calling

Let’s eliminate cellular networks here and move onto different interactive platforms such as social media calling. With this in mind, you can now call your friends abroad simply by using social apps such as Facebook Messenger. This has been made possible through internet technology, the exact same denominator to power all of the above. Cellular bills are a thing of the past and users have no need to concern themselves over exorbitant billing rates. As long as mobile internet exists, rates will remain lower or completely free, depending on the choice in Wi-Fi.

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