Quality Export Pallets: Various Types- Choose the One That Fits Your Need!

Quality Export Pallets: Various Types- Choose the One That Fits Your Need!

A pallet is a flat transport structure which supports the goods in a stable manner while it is used for lifting by a pallet jack, forklift, front loader, jacking device or by a crane. In other words, the pallet is a structural foundation of a unit load that allows proper handling and storage efficiency. All the goods or shipping containers are placed securely on the pallets with strapping, stretch wrap or through shrink wrap and then shipped.

Mostly the pallets are wooden, but they can also be made up of plastic, paper, metal, and other recycled materials. They can be piled up on top of each other enabling you to save lots of space. The goods stored in the Quality Export Pallets are safe. Therefore, Quality Export Pallets are the platforms used to store the transportation materials and you can even easily move the pallets from one place to another.

Types of Quality Export Pallets

Mostly, there are only two types of Quality Export Pallets that are available in the market.

  • Stringer pallet: this is made by arranging strings of wood parallel to each other besides fixing the top boards and other materials, irrespective of the type of materials used. But the material should have the capability to withhold the items that will be stored on these pallets to avoid monetary loss.
  • Block pallet: this type of pallet is often used by industries. The major difference between stringer and block pallet is that in the block pallet type the blocks of stringer are placed perpendicular to each other. These are heavy weight, durable, strong, and sturdy compared to the stringer pallets. Hence, industries prefer block pallets to transport their heavy materials for safety purpose. The goods stored in the block pallets are safe despite heavy rains or water logging.

Let Us Look at Some Different Types of Pallets That Are Made Based on The Stringer as Well as Block Pallets.

  • Two-way pallet: the best part of the two-way pallet is that you can store as well as remove the goods from either side of the pallet. There are two sides available for the forklifts to lift the pallet. Another name for this pallet is notched pallets.
  • Partial four-way entry pallet: as the name indicates, there are four ways openings for these pallets. You can gain access to the material from any of the four sides. Also, you can attach the forklift to any of the two ends to lift the pallets for transporting from one place to another.
  • Four-way entry pallet: This type is similar to the partial four-way pallet. The best part of this type of pallet is that you can lift the pallets from any of the four ends by attaching the forklift. Therefore this type is more often preferred compared to the other types. These pallets are mostly used for heavy loads.

Other Materials That Craftsmanship Uses to Make Pallets Are Metal and Plastic.

  • Metal Pallets: pallets are made using steel or aluminum that are ideal for carrying heavy weights. These can be sued to store goods near the sea or air freights. These are durable pallets, sturdy, and safe to transport goods. Hence, can be used as Quality Export Pallets. These are preferred material over wood as they do not give room for insects to breed.
  • Plastic Pallets: the plastic pallets are expensive compared to other materials. These pallets are durable even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Also, the material is safe and doesn’t get damaged when stored in the plastic pallets. However, these are used for storing light materials as heavy materials result in breakage.

Therefore, it can be concluded that for Quality Export Pallets, you can choose either wood or metal base pallets.

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