Reshaping eCommerce In 2019 From An Entrepreneurial Point Of View

Reshaping eCommerce In 2019 From An Entrepreneurial Point Of View

When it comes to eCommerce, it’s important to state the fact that the approach for what concerns the whole matter is something which definitely changed in the last couple of years. In particular, when applied to those quickly evolving businesses which are related to fashion and technology, the entire “market value” for eCommerce-based platforms has definitely changed. Let’s analyse how an eCommerce savvy entrepreneur could approach the matter in 2019.

Dropshipping: the AAS Evolution

It’s pretty clear that dropshipping has been on every online investor’s mouth in the last couple of years. This, due to the fact that, generally, is quite easy to set up a Shopify-based store with Oberlo which deals with the listings. In fact, there are many different guides available online on the matter, explaining how a store could be created and optimised with oberlo in a bunch of hours. In 2019, though, the whole matter is going to change drastically, especially given the fact that those providers like Aliexpress, DHgate and so on are significantly raising their products’ prices. In fact, drop shipping is evolving towards drop surfing, where the whole purpose of such portals is related to provide services from another site (see Expedia, for example as one of the biggest drop surfing portals available). This has been seen in many different business spheres, ranging from fintech to open bridging loans.

Big Data

Many big fashion retailers are heavily investing in the web personalization industry, especially if they have portals which are acquiring an immense number of users p/day. Web personalization is used in its simplest form by optimising a portal’s catalogue onto big data projections, which are gathered via cookies or analytics/surveys. This automatically leads us to the main thing: the development side of things. If you’re a savvy entrepreneur who’s actively looking to develop big-data-related strategies into your eCom business, then chances that you want to invest in a Machine Learning developer are pretty high, especially because data-science is based on Python, which is the universal programming language for both Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Mobile: The Present And The Future

In 2018, mobile peaked at around 58% of the worldwide web’s overall traffic. This is due to the fact that, generally, mobile is quicker to browse than desktop, and, with the fact that apps like Instagram are dominating the internet at the moment, it’s quite easy to understand why mobile should be every eCommerce entrepreneur’s focus. With this in mind, mobile should be approached from a very technical perspective, especially for what concerns marketing, since it’s pretty much digital-based. There are many resources available online on Paid Social marketing for mobile-based businesses, but, in order to succeed at the craft, a big dose of creativity will always be required.

To Conclude: From Marketing To Tech

What we can definitely state in 2019 is the fact that eCom is moving towards a more tech-related approach, especially given the fact that (as said above) autonomous learning-based factors like Machine and Deep Learning are two of the biggest focuses within the retail industry, especially the fashion one. This will definitely be a groundbreaking year for what concerns eCom, which is incredibly exciting.

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