Top 4 CRM Apps to Improve Your Business Customer Relations

Top 4 CRM Apps to Improve Your Business Customer Relations

Managing a business successfully is not just about making sure things get done. It is also, if not more importantly, about making sure clients are satisfied with the service you provide. However, good customer relations goes beyond turning in a finished product or service. It is about the entire process, from the moment you meet the client, until after the service has been provided. Managing the entire customer relations process is no easy task, which is why I decided to search for the best customer relations software that can be used on mobile devices, to easily keep track of everything on-the-go. After spending some time on the web, I found a list of the top 10 CMR apps that made writing the article so much easier.

I checked out some of the apps, and I found a few that I liked. Instead of just listing them below, I thought it would help if I grouped them depending on the benefit they provide. My first group of CRM apps is great if you want to view instant progress reports for your business, so you can easily stay on top of your business’ performance on-the-go. My second group is ideal for creating task lists for your clients, so you never forget to answer an e-mail, send a message or follow up with a client.

CRM Apps for real-time business progress reports

The first group of apps I selected does much more than managing customer relations. Not only can you keep track of business communications and client information, but you can also view business reports with sales information in real-time.

Apps: Cloze Relationship Management, Salesforce

Cloze Relationship Management is one of my favorite picks. What I really like about it is that it integrates all the business information on your phone into one place. Everything is also automatically sorted by client, including e-mails and files you may have exchanged, phone call history, appointments, meeting minutes and more. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by so many options when I started linking my other accounts. However, it was easy to figure out and the set-up process is pretty straightforward.

Another one of my favorites is Salesforce. I found it to be a great choice if you are looking for an easy way to coordinate and communicate with your co-workers, keep track of clients, and view business performance statistics. I thought the conference call feature was pretty neat, as it can really help to streamline work communications too. The only drawback I found is that it can get a bit slow at times, especially if you are switching between functions rapidly. However, I noticed that the problem was instantly fixed just by restarting the app. Hopefully, the developers will release an update addressing the issue soon!

CRM Apps for creating task lists

The second group of apps I selected will help you get organized with your clients, as you can create task lists to make sure you always get everything done. Whether you need to plan an upcoming meeting or follow up with a customer, you will always be on top of everything you need to do.

Apps: Airtable, Base CRM and Sales Tracker

Air table is a bit of an oddball among my picks, but it is simply because it is designed to help you get organized in virtually any type of situation. From tracking expenses, managing business sales and customer relations to planning vacations and weddings, it seems like there is no limit to the things you can do. I also like how you can easily share data and information with co-workers and friends directly from the app. My only complaint is that an internet connection is required in order to use the app. So, if you don’t have a steady connection, you won’t be able to access your information. If this is a concern for you, then I recommend you try out my next pick.

My last pick is Base CRM and Sales Tracker. Unlike my previous pick, you can keep managing your business’ needs even without an internet connection. I found the variety of CRM management features to be really useful. In particular, I liked how you can easily track sales opportunities, and how you can even use a map to find potential clients too. I also like how you can view what your coworkers are working on and that you can set up alerts to find out instantly about any important business communications. That said, I did find it a bit tedious that I needed to manually select each contact that I wanted to link to the app. Unfortunately, there is no option for syncing the phone’s contacts list automatically, so it can take some time to add business contacts. On the upside, by not uploading your entire contact list, you can ensure that only business-related contacts are linked to the app.


In the age of digital marketing, it’s more important than ever to keep a proper customer relationship. I think I listed a good amount of apps that can help you with that, but if you need an extra number of possible choices, here’s the top 10 list I used you can check out.

Top Apps for Customer Relations Management

So, these are my top 4 picks for easily staying on top of your game when it comes to customer relations management. While my first group is great for viewing instant business reports, my second group will help you stay organized with task lists and reminders. When it comes down to it, the trick to being successful at CRM is to keep the process as seamless as possible, and any of these apps will help you do exactly that!

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