Top Transportation Dispatch Software Today

Top Transportation Dispatch Software Today

Within the transportation circles, there’s no bigger relief than having an order delivered successfully. In addition to being attentive to the significance of on-time deliveries, transporters and shippers must be equally inclined to putting efforts towards their transportation dispatch management.

Transportation dispatch software facilitates customer responsiveness and improved fleet dispatching.

Looking for the best transportation dispatch software today?


ClearPathGPS is basically a live tracking solution that’s web-based tailored for mid-sized and small field service businesses. It’s the perfect solution for an array of industries including dispatch companies in sectors such as construction, landscaping, restoration and remediation, plumbing, pest control, electrical etc.

Among the numerous attributes of this software, one that stands out is its ability to update vehicle positions after every thirty seconds. It maps vehicle locations with color-coded markers to effortlessly see various vehicle statuses that include whether a driver has stopped, or is idling, speeding or hard braking.

You can set up geofences around properties such as rectangles, polygons, or circles. They automatically record asset and/or vehicle arrivals/departures.

You can choose to be notified through email or text of any important events like unauthorized truck use after hours.


There’s no doubt that OnTime is one of the best transportation dispatch software out there. It caters to both small and mid-sized courier/delivery companies, trucking businesses, and freight brokerages. An amazing feature of this software is that it doesn’t have any up-front fees. What this means is that you can begin with a free trial.

With the software, you can handle things such as:

  • Carrier rate history maintenance
  • Sales tracking
  • Accounting


This is a cloud-based route optimization and planning solution that’s efficiently designed to assist medium and small sized businesses to save on fuel, track driver progress and leverage their fleet capacity in real time.

It includes attributes such as:

  • A driver mobile web app
  • API integrations
  • Signature capture
  • Interactive maps
  • Automated route planning

The software allows you to upload your orders via the spreadsheet import tool. You can change order lists to routes through the mere click of a button.

It’s possible to factor things such as shift times, driver breaks, stop priorities, vehicle capacities, delivery types, and time windows into route optimization and planning.

What’s more is that users can dispatch routes to drivers directly, add last-minute orders, customize routes, and reassign stops using the amazing software.

AI Field Management

This is a new workforce management tool featuring a Cloud Core. Cloud Core is a hybrid platform that combines intelligence workforce management and global language translation.

Regardless of the size of your transport business, this dispatch software has everything you need.

Core system usually functions beyond job management. It goes on to span invoicing as well as payment processing including commission reporting capabilities, sales revenue, payroll, time tracking, asset management across different locations, inventory management and credit card handling.

Some of the amazing features this software brings with it include:

  • Completely cloud based
  • Platform and device agnostic
  • SaaS model

Whip Around

Whip Around refers to a mobile inspection platform that’s tailored to assist transport businesses to perform driver truck inspection reports real time, efficiently and on the move. It also aims to guarantee smooth business management, compliance and team safety.

Through its dashboard, you can effortlessly oversee and control the business of vehicles, drivers, and depots. You can also access analytics to not only review business performance but also manage faults.

It features a ‘drivers’ module and a ‘teams’ module with which you can supervise different fleets of vehicles across various divisions and areas while controlling who handles the vehicle inspections.

As We Wrap Up

For companies that manage a mobile workforce, field service personnel, or fleets, having a reliable dispatch software is of utmost importance. In fact, it’s an integral part of success. If you’ve been looking for the best transport dispatch software the market has to offer, look no further than the above top few.

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